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So that thing happens to me that always happens when a new season of LOST comes on. Which is that I become reobsessed with the show, even though I haven't really thought about it in months. When this reobession compounded with an Amazon DVD sale...basically it was bad. I ended up buying seasons 3 and 5 and watching a whole bunch of Juliet episodes and deciding I really need to waste my life picspamming. BUT DVD QUALITY CAPS YOU GUYS!

So basically I wanted to do something Juliet-themed for the [ profile] picspammy challenge. But I was like "ALAS WHAT SHALL I DO?!" I thought about doing Top 5 Juliet episodes but for some reason I couldn't figure that one out. Plus knowing my knack for overcapping I figured that might be too ambitious a project. Then I thought maybe Top 5 Juliet shippy moments? But I put that thought away too. Basically I just wanted an excuse to cap La Fleur.

And then I thought: what's the best thing about Juliet? Well it's that she's a totally BADASS of course. So I instead picked some of my favorite Juliet ass kicking moments. There are probably many more. The s4 stuff is really sort of foggy for me so undoubtedly I missed some awesome. So without further ado here are some of the times I loudly yelled "YOU GO GIRL" at my TV. Let's all meet Juliet Burke: Professional BADASS.

Badass Moment #1: Back off bitches, I gots this

Pretty caps are pretty! As you can tell my commentary is going to be really awesome and ~insightful~. Still. PRETTY! I just recently got the DVDs and omg DVD quality caps of this show= A++! I love the lighting here and all the green! Why so pretty Juliet?

I really love watching this scene now, after seeing the Sawyer/Juliet relationship in season five. Man, he was such a dick to her in the beginning though. I mean, not that she wasn't super shady and everything, but still.

I love that you can see in the change of her stance where she goes from "Oh crap!" to "Oh HELLZ no!" Oh Juliet, you are the greatest. Any other character would have probably ended up getting tortured by Sayid. Instead Juliet gets out of the situation just by verbally schooling them.

"You know, it's interesting that you two are now the camp's moral police. I'm curious, Sayid, how long was it before you told everyone on that beach exactly how many people you've tortured in your life. Do they know about Basra?"

"And I'm sure the first thing you did when you got here, James, was to gather everyone in a circle, and tell them about the man you shot in cold blood the night before you got on the plane."

"So why don't we just skip the part where you two pretend to be righteous. I'm taking that medication back to Claire. And you're gonna let me."

"Because if she doesn't get it, she's gonna die. And the last thing that either of you need right now, is more blood on your hands."

They just got TOLD. Snaps Juliet.

Badass Moment #2: I <3 You! (lol jk kill u later!)

I love that last cap of Jack/Juliet sitting on the beach. So pretty! I really miss Jack/Juliet. They were my first LOST OTP. I loved how she made him seem less whiny. There were significantly less jears in the Jack/Juliet relationship. But they always had a fun edge because you never knew at any moment whether or not Juliet was about to jump Jack and have sexytimes or shiv him. Still. They had such a nice chemistry.

Juliet: You keep saying 'they.' Don't you want answers?
Jack: I was standing right beside you when that sub blew up. I saw your face. I saw that you want, more than anything, to get off this island. That's what we all want. That makes you one of us.

This is probably one of my favorite Juliet moments ever. I can still remember watching this episode and seeing the end and being like "O____O Awesome!" The great thing about Juliet, and especially season 3 Juliet, was that she was so complex and mysterious. You just never really knew where you stood with her. She might seem like she was trying to save the day while secretly planning your death. OR she might be shady as hell while plotting to rescue your ass. You just never knew. But whatever she did, it was awesome.

I love the long shots of Juliet/Ben. The lighting in this scene is so awesome.

Ben: Let's go over it again. Just to be sure.
Juliet: I drag Austen out in to the jungle, handcuff myself to her, then tell her I was gassed just like she was.

Ben: Then, if she catches you in the lie.
Juliet: I'll admit to it. Tell her it was the only way to earn her trust.
Ben: Good. What then?

Such pretty lighting here! DESMOND! SUN! This has nothing to do with anything in the picspam but I love Desmond's deep hatred of shirt buttons.

Juliet: They'll take me back to the beach. I know you want me to go there, but after everything we've done to them they're going to be a problem.
Ben: We've activate the implant within Claire. She should be symptomatic within the next 48 hours. By the time you get to that camp, you'll have a nice, big crisis to solve.

Juliet: I'll need supplies.
Ben: Pryce is already on his way. He'll hide the case at Ethan's old drop point. Tell Jack that you can save her; he trusts you.

Bwahaha! OMG yes! This moment right here is one of my favorite LOST moments. Jack is all "hai bb! BFF 4 L?" And Juliet is all "lol kill you later!" Jack's stupid little smile here is what really kills me.

Ben: Are you alright?
Juliet: I'm fine.
Ben: See you in a week.

Badass Moment #3: Time to kill Benry!

I honestly think this was the moment when season three started getting good. Before then it was all jangst and fish biscuits and honestly I don't even remember what was going on in the main island story. But this moment really flipped the script and things started to get awesome. This is another of my favorite LOST moments. Also I love the green/blue lighting in this scene.

Jack is pouting because movie night with Juliet is way less fun than he thought it would be. He wanted to watch To Kill a Mockingbird and all he got was this shitty home movie! Jack is saddened by the lack of production values.

I totally messed up and put one cap twice but was too lazy to fix it. Also Juliet has apparently seen that one Bob Dylan video too many times.

Jack continues to pout because like seriously can't he just relax and watch a movie? He just wants to eat some popcorn and chill out for like two seconds. He wants to watch a romantic comedy and cry some jears at the end and then braid Juliet's hair and talk about his ~feelings~. She is totally harshing his whole night.

So much love for this scene. I love how good at plotting Juliet is.

It makes me want to see someone write crack!fic where Blair and Chuck's private plane crashes on the island and they bond with Juliet over scheming ability. But I don't know if Blair could go that long without proper skin care or if Chuck could go that long without wearing an ascot....I'm getting really off topic. (Seriously though this is the best crack!fic idea ever! Serena and Desmond could have a competition to see who has more luxurious hair and/or flashes more cleavage! I don't even know who would win! I need the universe to write this for me!)

Pretty people looking pretty! And angsty! With cool lighting!

Seriously though, Jack's love of girls who *heart* murdering is something that he might want to look at in himself.

Badass Moment #4: Juliet 1, Smokey 0

Kate: Why would they handcuff you to me and then drag us all the way out into the jungle?
Juliet: Ben has a thing for mind games.
Kate: That why he left you behind?
Juliet: Do we really have to talk?
Kate: Nope.

There's a lot of badassery in this episode. It was hard to pick Juliet's most badass moment. Certainty her girlfight with Kate was pretty badass. I picked this moment because it's honestly pretty hard to beat pwning Smokey. But still, this episode was basically just a 'Juliet is a badass mother-SHUT YO MOUTH-' from start to finish. So I'm just going to be dropping some random badass quotes from throughout the episode even though they're not strictly from this scene.

Juliet: They left me behind too, they gassed me. I know that you don't care, but the people I spent the last three years of my life with, they just left me! I thought that maybe, maybe if I could make you think that we were in it together, maybe I wouldn't get left behind again.

I seriously cannot believe it took me so long to get the DVDs. DVD quality caps omg never leave me! PRETTY CAPS ARE PRETTY. I'm so totally in love with how lovely this scene is. Both the girls look gorgeous! All the GREEN! And LIGHTING! And all the pretty!

Kate: You don't know anything about [Jack].
Juliet: I know where he was born, I know what his parents did for a living, I know that he was married and who he was married to. I know why he got a divorce, I know how his father died, I know his height, his weight, his birthday, and his blood-type. What do you know about him, Kate?

Oh Juliet you are the cutest stalker ever. I love that she's like "Well actually I know EVERYTHING ABOUT JACK EVER. I've even read his diary Kate! There were a lot of heart doodles and tear stains..."

Oh Lost writers. Really? Juliet + Kate + Mud? This whole episode was like a fanboi wet dream but I remember originally watching it and being like "Really? Handcuffs? Girlfights in the rain? Mud? Were they working through some kind of checklist?" I'm surprised they didn't have to strip down to their underwear. You know....for the plot.

I love how Kate is all like "Fuck this BAI!" and goes running into the forest. But Juliet just shrugs and STANDS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SMOKE MONSTER AS IT RUNS STRAIGHT TOWARDS HER.

Aww shit son, Juliet don't move for nobody. Not even a smoke monster! She has had it with these muthafuckin smoke monsters on this muthafuckin island!

I love that cap with the back of Juliet's head and Smokey coming right at her. AWESOME.

LOL Kate's FACE kills me here. Even Kate is blown away by how awesome effing crazy Juliet is.

Juliet: Do you think [the Monster's] gone? Are we safe?
Kate: Are you serious? You've never seen that?
Juliet: If you don't believe me you can always pull my other shoulder out of its socket.
Kate: I wasn't trying to.
Juliet: Don't flatter yourself. It's just the fourth time it's been dislocated.

It's sort of unfair how pretty Kate manages to look covered in mud.

So to summarize: no one puts Juliet in a corner! Not even spooky clicking smoke monsters. Juliet doesn't play that shit! In conclusion: BADASS.

Badass Moment #5: Most badass death scene ever: clubbing a hydrogen bomb with a rock

GUYS MY HEART. They were so perfect together. I didn't think the show would be able to sway me away from Jack/Juliet (OTP!) and Kate/Sawyer but then it was like "Hey, what if we took the most awesome people from the love square and put them together in a mature, loving relationship where they have each others backs and shoot people?" And I was like "....SOLD."

I wish I could get Juliet to show up better in that cap because Juliet + cute pink shirt + smoke= pretty! Also RUN JULIET OMG RUN!

DAMN YOU CHAINS! I'm bitter that Juliet got taken out by ~magnetism~. :(

Still, have I mentioned how much I love Juliet's cute pink shirt before? Because I really love it. She wore it in a few episodes preceding this one and I thought it was fetch then. (When we detonate a hydrogen bomb we wear pink!) IDK it just really goes well with her coloring and hair.

Sawyer: Where do you think you're going Blondie?

*SOBS* She's going to have coffee in alt!world. :*(

Sawyer: You hold on.
Juliet: I can't! I can't get it off!

I have a feeling my commentary here is just going to be DONTDIE and SADFACE and NOOO!

Sawyer: I got you.

I remember watching this scene for the first time and being like "THESE AREN'T TEARS I'M JUST ALLERGIC TO MY TELEVISION."

Sawyer: Don't you leave me.
Juliet: It's ok. I love you.
Sawyer: No you don't let go.
Juliet: I love you James.
Sawyer: NO!
Juliet: I love you so much.
Sawyer: No! Don't! JULIET!

I'M NOT CRYING IT'S JUST RAINING ON MY FACE. BRB going off to cry like Jack Shepard. BE BACK SOON.

So after that I was cursing Lost for killing off my favorite character ever. BUT THEN SHE'S NOT DEAD YET. Just really bloody and dying but still badass.

And of course, still bloody and dying she sees a rock and is like "I GOTS THIS".

Juliet: Come on! Come on you son of a bitch!

AND THEN BOOM! You're welcome alt!world!

Seriously though, I remember having a convo with [ profile] pinkspots where I was like "JULIET NOOOOO!!" and decried how Lost always kills the most interesting characters off. ( still true.) and she was like "Well at least she got to die the most badass death of any character on TV ever. She clubbed a hydrogen bomb with a ROCK." And I was like "Valid point." So I think this gives Juliet some kind of BADASS merit badge y/y?

[-I think it goes without saying but PLEASE don't steal my caps/use them for icons/cross post them to tumblr. Also my bandwidth cannot take hotlinking and exceeded bandwidth makes me sad. It took me FOREVER and a freaking day to cap/colorize this. If you do I will send smokey after you. :(]

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