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I just want to thank snowicane for allowing me the time to do this. It's all thanks to you, annoying combination of snow and rain that seemed like it was totally awful in the morning and then became SUNNY by the time I woke up again.

(I was watching the local news and they were like "MY GOD STAY IN YOUR HOUSE IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!" I'm not even exaggerating. Then they threw to one reporter who was reporting next to the car she had wrecked on the way to work! "This just in! I HIT A GUARD RAIL STAY INSIDE OMG DON'T DIE VIEWERS!")

So when I was working on my Juliet Burke: Professional Badass picspam I was listening to a lot of Florence and the Machine. Well. I'm always listening to a lot of Florence. But I noticed that "Rabbit Heart" seemed to fit Juliet really well. So I considered trying to find other songs and do a fanmix. But then I was like "WTF this song fits a lot of things in LOST". And therefore this weirdo picspam was born.

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) lyrics

The looking glass so shiny and new

I love all the Alice in Wonderland allusions, especially in the latest episode. I have no idea what they mean, but it fits in perfectly with the idea of parallel/alternate universes. Plus who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland? I'm calling that the last episode will have freaky Mad Hatter Johnny Depp suddenly pop up and we'll all discover that the show has really just been one of Tim Burton's long nightmares.

How quickly the glamor fades

I start spinning slipping out of time

This line was honestly what really cemented this song as a LOST song for me. Time travel! And the 'slipping out of time' is not only time travel but exactly what happened to Desmond in The Constant. Also! FAVORITE COUPLES REPRESENT! (The only other LOST OTP missing besides Sun/Jin is my Lost OTP of choice Jack/Juliet.)

Was that the wrong pill to take (Raise it up)

More Alice in Wonderland references! Also that was totally the wrong pill to take Jack. Although I'm sort of lulzing about the second cap. Dogen is hardcore. Jack popped that thing in his mouth and he beat the crap out of him. Actually, scratch that, Jack's FACE in the first cap is even MORE hilarious than him getting pwned. No one does crazy faces like Jack. Crazy faces and jears are his specialties.

You made a deal and now it seems you have to offer up

AHAHA! Richard's FACE in that cap is priceless. I love Richard and his guyliner. I really hope we learn more about him this season. I feel like both Richard/Ben had made deals of some variety with Jacob. Now what they are we don't know. And obviously Jacob and The Man in Black/Flocke/Smokey have some sort of deal in place.

But will it ever be enough?
(Raise it up raise it up)
It´s not enough

But of course it isn't enough because the Man in Black found a loophole in their deal. I still remember that reveal that Locke was in the coffin and being like "OMGWTFPOLARBEAR?!"

Here I am a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights

Having just recently rewatched this episode I LOVE these lyrics in reference to Juliet. Because there was really such a difference between pre-island Juliet and island-Juliet. Before Juliet popped up on the island she was sort of 'rabbit hearted'. Sort of scared and mousey and willing to be bullied. I love that one scene where she tells Richard that she's not a leader and then it whoosh-cuts to a scene of Juliet on the island being totally badass and leading the Others and trying to help Jack and kill Ben all simultaneously.
(Also this episode was hella pretty. PRETTY CAPS! <3)

It seems I´ve made the final sacrifice


We raise it up this offering
We raise it up

Didn't they even specifically call Boone a "sacrifice the island demanded" or something at one point? My memory can be pretty glitchy when it comes to Lost.

This is a gift it comes with a price

Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight

Oh Locke and his knives.

I look around but I can´t find you
If only I could see your face

*TEAR* Ahem! Sorry! There was just...something in my eye. Oh Sun/Jin and Desmond/Penny. There have been several epic quests to find the person you love on this show. But you don't get much more EPIC than Desmond and Penny. She was working overtime to find him. Although Sun did go through a whole SECOND plane crash just to find Jin. So maybe a tie?

Instead of rushing towards the skyline

That cap of the plane breaking up over Juliet's head is one of the coolest and prettiest things Lost has ever done I think.

I wish that I could just be brave

Oh man that moment when Juliet bangs her hands on the monitor and begs to go home breaks my heart every. single. time.

I must become a lion hearted girl
Ready for a fight

Those two lines are I think my favorite in the entire song. So much love. And they fit Juliet SO WELL. This is what originally made me think of it as a Juliet song. Also HOW BADASS IS JULIET?! I know I'm just a 'Juliet=Cooler than you" broken record at this point but seriously. I really wanted to included that moment with Ben in my badass picspam. She SLAPS THE WATER OUT OF HIS HAND. And then BACKS HIM UP INTO A CORNER. And he looks terrified. Because Juliet could totally take him.

Before I make the final sacrifice

Oh man I can't escape these sadness-inducing caps. But seriously, Juliet changed EVERYTHING. With a rock. That's how awesome she is.

We raise it up, this offering
We raise it up

This is a gift it comes, with a price

It's price is apparently to be hatcheted by Claire! RUN KATE RUN!

Who is the lamb and who is the knife

Seriously Kate is honestly not my favorite but I am worried for her at the moment. She just came to the island to reunite Claire and Aaron (after using him as a get out of jail free card. Babies are so convenient, who knew?) and now Claire is going to try to chop her up into tiny Kate bits. And if that happens Jack will cry for the rest of the season. It will be NONSTOP JEARS. So let's hope it doesn't.

Raise it up raise it up

And in the spring I shed my skin

I really love how creepy this fits the Smokey/Flocke situation. (Are we calling him Flocke? Or unLocke? Or like...idk? SMOCKE? What is everyone calling him?)

And it blows away with the changing wind

SMOKEYYYYYYY! Seriously though, I love much the lines fit the Locke/Smokey/Man in Black sitaution.

The waters turn from blue to red

I know that this song is a totally random thing that I imposed on the show but still...eepers! That line does not bode well for our castaways. And as things stand now it does look like we'll be seeing some blood in the water pretty soon, with Smokey making a move on the temple soon. BE SAFE MILES! ILU!

As towards the sky I offer it

This is a gift it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight

The gift/price motiff would totally fit in with the whole candidate storyline they're playing out right now. Which is awesome. But by this point I was a little too lazy to hunt down more caps. So imagine an awesome cap of the names/numbers!

This is a gift

WHEW! So. Probably the weirdest picspam I've ever done but it was fun. See most people would have just made it into a music video. But I'm lazier than most people! <3
Florence + the Machine- Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
(comment if you snag! And you should, it's a great song. The whole album is fantastic actually, I'd really recommend it.)

-As usual please don't steal my caps or repost them anywhere else. It takes me forever and it would make me sad. Also please don't hotlink because it'll kill my photobucket.

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