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So I put these caps together last week but was too lazy to put together the picspam until today. But we all know how happy I am to have the flossy insanity of XOXO back in my life so therefore I give you:

Gossip Girl: 3x13

So the second half of the third season of the Greatest Show of Our Time has returned. Life has meaning again! So I put together a little picspam. Sadly it's not as epic as my usual picspams. It started as me just being like "I need some pictures of my favorite shiny, happy, slutty people making out!" And then I realized there were other cute moments I really wanted to cap that weren't relevant to my Serena/Nate interests.

Therefore here are my important ~feelings~ on the things I didn't cap:

Blair/Chuck/Not!Dead!Mommy: Hmm! I don't really know how to feel about this whole storyline at the moment. It's a crazy soap opera plotline right now. I do feel that it has the potential to blow up and become awesome but this episode was really just set up so I don't want to weigh in before we know what's going to happen with it. If the previews are any indication and Not!Dead!Mom leads to some OT4 fun times, than I'm ALL IN. It will be nice to have the OT4 rallying around someone who's not Serena for once. Also, the OT4 are in the best place they've been since before Serena banged Nate, killed a dude and then ran away. Everyone is dating and getting along and sort of living with each other and kind of related. It's awesome. More OT4 action is really the only thing I've ever really wanted from this show. Also I like that the show had Blair find out right away about Maybe Mom instead of stretching that out. Blair and Chuck scheming together for great justice will be awesome to behold.

Drug Dealer Jenny!: AHAHAHA! I'm still loving this storyline so much. Oh Jenny, you always bring the cray cray and I love you for that. I'm officially calling Jenny's crackwhore makeup from last season ~foreshadowing~! Seriously though, I love how Jenny has now managed to combine her two loves: drug muling and FASHION. Awesome. I'm pretty sure drug-filled boleros would be a big hit in the fashion community. I'm sort of sad I threw this picspam together so quickly I didn't have time to cap any Jenny stuff or comment on how crazy her Elvira/Spider Lady outfit was. (And yet it was maybe my favorite outfit of the night? WTFWTF? I don't understand why Jenny's look is working for me so much more than it did last season as I'm sure objectively it's still sort of terrible? But IDK I sort of like it? Help!)

Rufus/Lily: Dearest Rufus: so many feelings and yet no turtleneck to catch your tears? I'm disappointed. I mean, there were a lot of scarves so I guess it's sort of a wash? Whatever. Also when Lily finds out about you and that lady in the BUILDING SHE OWNS you are totally homeless and since you are a Real Housewife of New York and don't have a job, I would be nicer to her. XOXO- me.

Sorry about that everyone! Points to anyone who read that/cared. Now onto the picspam!
So Serena has on the best coat ever and I want to steal it and make it mine. Also B.Live makes the cutest faces whenever Serena is on the phone. Like she makes fifty different faces as if Serena is not aware that Blair can't see them. (And probably she's not. I could just imagine a Serena/Blair convo where Blair is like "Is that a yes or a no?" and Serena just like shakes her head and Blair is like "I can't see you! Remember we've talked about this!")

Also I love how Serena is determined not to mess up her relationship with Nate by immediately sexing him up the second she sees him. She's like "We've had a lot of deep text message conversations! Blair! He texts me before bed and I text him back a bedtime story! This time it's real!" Oh Serena. This is why I love you so.
OMG Nate's FACE in that first cap! It makes me laugh so hard. He's just like "That's right gurl. Drink it in bb." Also could they BE any cuter? [/Chandler] Seriously! I love that he just broke into her/the Waldorf's apartment just to surprise her. (Serena really needs to get her own place though. Or the Waldorfs are going to have to fumigate/disinfect/bleach the entire apartment seeing as how Serena and Nate are basically doing it on every flat surface. I think even Cyrus would be like "ENOUGH".)

So I love how Serena just gets done telling Blair how their relationship is like built on meaningful text messages and they're going to take it slow and the first thing they do is jump all over each other. OH KIDS. Also Nate told her that all his stuff was still downstairs in the cab/towncar/whatever and I kept thinking "Poor driver has to wait while they have their sexytimes. I hope it's not Ranjit."
FACESSSSS!!! I love that Blair can tell the second she walks in that Serena just got done deflowering Nate all over her old apartment. WASH EVERYTHING BLAIR SERIOUSLY. Also Serena, never take love advice from Blair. This is a girl who once whored out her boyfriend to a dude! The only worse person to take love advice from is D.Humps. But the sad thing is that Nate and Serena are too dumb to realize this. (Shallow: Blair's hair looks so pretty here with the backlighting!)
Blair: Anna Karenina, you never read it don't worry.
Nate: I never do.

AHAHA! I think this might have been one of my favorite scenes in the whole episode. OH NATE. I've been trying to figure out if Nate and Chuck were living together so I guesss that answers that question! But I love how he treated it like it was totally old hat to see Blair dressed up in some crazy literary sex outfit just chilling out in the apartment. Like this is just his life now. Oh Nate, sometimes I love you best. Also Blair's outfit here is so cute, especially the hat. And the boots!

(PS: What the hell is up with the artwork in Chuck's apartment? WTF is that picture behind Nate? IT'S SO SCARY. And I swear I've seen a picture of underwear just randomly hanging in there. I mean...I guess I was complaining earlier that the apartment was way too normal looking for Chuck to be living there but still...I was hoping for less demonic art and more paisley or something.)
PRETTY SHOT IS PRETTY! I love all the backlighting. And the coat! And the hair! And the pretty people kissing!

Of course it's all downhill from there. :( All Serena wanted to do was have sexytimes on the pool table! What about that doesn't say ~meaningful relationship~ Nate? (Also LOL seriously Chuck is going to have to put plastic covers on everything in his apartment he doesn't want Serena and Nate to have sex on. I'm surprised Serena and Nate didn't have sex on his TOP SECRET folder he casually left on the coffee table.)
Serena: Blair, you know you don't need Chuck. Anyone who meets you can see you're an elitist snob who's perfect around a secret society.
Blair: Thank You.

AHAHA! I love them so much. I really loved all the great Serena/Blair stuff there was scattered throughout the episode, even though they were off in their own crazy plotlines. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE. I love how Serena squeezes Blair's cheeks when she says that and how Blair takes it as a compliment. SO CUTE.

(Also? Did this event somehow kill their fashion sense? Blair's dress is ok but OMG her earrings are fug to the max. I don't mind the size of them but the design makes it look like she has a snowman or a panda hanging from her ear. And there's just so much wrong with Serena's dress, even aside from the horrible bolero. It's backless, practically frontless AND has a slit so huge I was like "DID I JUST GET FLASHED? I THINK I WAS JUST FLASHED". I know Serena is usually of the 'more is more' philosophy but this was a bit much even for her.)
They are so cute. And so pretty! I love that Serena and Nate's idea of romance is doing it in a coat closet about five feet away from a party full of international diplomats. THAT'S TRUE LOVE. Honestly though, they've done such a good job with them in this episode because no one is sluttier than Serena or Nate and thus when you combine their skank powers together of COURSE they would do it in public in a coat closet. I love so much about what they choose to be. <3
<3<3<3 I really love how fun and giggly they are. Honestly with Blair and Chuck being all evil and plotty and having all the angst with Maybe-Mom it's nice to have a couple whose major problem is finding a flat surface to sex each other on. They're just so happy! Look at them! They're like an adorable ray of dumb sunshine. I LOVE THEM.

Although I really don't understand what's going on in this scene. It seems like Nate can't find Serena's dress so she steals some poor girl's coat (lol coat check girl is getting SO FIRED after this). But...why? It looked like Jenny/Damien just took the bolero and hung it up. Unless they took Serena's dress too? As payback for...whatever? I mean, that would be hilariously awesome but we never really saw it happen so I have no idea where her dress went to and why she had to steal a coat.
Blair and Chuck are so pretty! <3 I love these shots. I also love that Blair dropped her social climbing to support him. They were really lovely together in this episode.

Although mature!Chuck is still bumming me out. I'm hoping that this Deadish!Mom storyline leads to a resurgence of plaid/paisley/dolphin-sweater wearing Chuck. I'm telling you, before this storyline is over Chuck is going to be setting fire to something or partying with hookers and blow or on a roof somewhere screaming his name like the giant drama whore that he is inside. OR! Maybe this storyline leads Chuck to go on a bender and then wake up to find that he's stolen a monkey from the zoo? And we'll finally have Sweetie? MAKE THIS HAPPEN SHOW.

So [ profile] glassbomb made a hilarious comment about how ridic this photo was in the locket and how all it was missing was baby!Chuckles wearing his scarf or with a monkey on his shoulder. Sadly I couldn't fit a monkey into it. But I got in the scarf. You know that even as a baby Chuck had ~style~!

ETA: How did I forget to mention that Dan told Rufus to Make his own damn waffles! That is like the meanest thing you can possibly say to Rufus. I'm surprised he didn't break down in tears right there. I laughed SO HARD ngl.

Ack. So that ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would!

PLEASE don't steal or hotlink my caps. It took me awhile to make them pretty. Plus if you hotlink my photobucket will DIE and that will make Nate and Serena sad. And that's like punching a puppy and you wouldn't want to do that.

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