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So as many of you might have noticed from my general red-alert level of squee, I've been pretty excited about Showtime's The Borgias. AND IT IS JUST AS AMAZING AS I THOUGHT.

I urge everyone to watch it. EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE. It is filled with beautiful scenery and history and Francois Arnaud's FACE. I've already watched the pilot twice is two days. And thus I present in picspam form why this show is so fantastic.

First of all, to explain my excitement level I should probably explain that I read not one, but TWO books about the Borgias. I read Christopher Hibbert's Borgias and their Enemies and Sarah Bradford's Lucrezia bio. Both of which I'd recommend even though I think Hibbert flies through the history a bit too much and Bradford focuses a bit too much on the minutiae like lists of jewels. ANYWAY. The point is that at this point I am at least moderately well versed in Borgia knowledge.

And I can tell this show is perfection already. I mean, I can tell they are going to take some liberties with the actual history but they are doing pretty well so far and after hearing some stuff about the Tudors I was starting to get worried. But the Borgias are so crazy and awesome that I don't think they need to take too many liberties because lol bitches be crazy.

Why should you watch this show? OMG LOOK AT IT. Seriously, it's like watching a painting. The shots are just so pretty! As you can tell, this is going to be a very profound picspam. EVERYTHING IS PRETTY!! But seriously, all the sets are so lush and beautiful and the costumes are amazing. They really went all out to make it seem like Renaissance life.

And the performances are AMAZING. I was ridiculously happy that they picked Sanjay from the amazing Slings and Arrows to play Cardinal della Rovere. The Frog Hammer storyline was one of my favorites on Slings and Arrows and he was amazingly hilarious, but I didn't realize he was such a good dramatic actor. I'm going to really enjoy him as the torn in the Borgia side.

I also love how they've set up Juan, as well as the already strained relationship between Juan and Cesare. You can see that there's affection there but the truce between them seems so uneasy. Now I wish I capped the scene where Juan is talking about his armor and how Cesare wears all black and it "suits him". ALSO stanning this like crazy but I love the little details like Cesare's black wardrobe and Juan talking about putting a BRIGHT YELLOW Borgia bull on his armor because LOL Juan + flashy ridic clothes is totally going to become this show's OTP.

Also already in love with the narrative choice to focus on their outsider nature as Spaniards in Rome. THIS SHOW YOU GUYS, I WANT TO HUG IT.

Speaking of amazing performances? JEREMY IRONS I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU CHOOSE TO BE. Basically everything Jeremy Irons does is perfection. I could just watch an hour of Jeremy Irons chewing scenery and be perfectly content. There's this great moment when della Rovere calls the election of a new pope a "contest" and J.Irons goes eleCTION! in this really great way. Oh Jeremy Irons, the way you say your words is so ~magical~.

This moment above might be my favorite random Jeremy Irons amazing acting choice in the whole thing because a.) hilarious and b.) really cute! Sure, he's back room bartering to become pope but he just seems so TWEE about it, pushing his finger against the wall and practically giggling. LOVELOVELOVE.

ALSO THERE IS INAPPROPRIATE SIBLING LOVE. Judge me all you want but look at their LITTLE FACES! With all the inappropriate touching and how he calls her 'my love' and said he would die if anything happened to her! And he doesn't want her to get married even though Rodrigo is all "LOL dude she's practically an old maid at 14 LOL"? Also Holliday Grainger is sort of flawless perfection. I mean, look girlfriend is OBVIOUSLY not 14. But she does a really great job at playing Lucrezia as more childlike and that ages her down. Which is not to say that Lucrezia is totally naive and innocent. You can see her Borgia-ness, even in the first episode. Also LOL SPYING. I died when she asked if Cesare was going to marry the random chick he was banging. ALSO love that they managed to encapsulate Cesare's whole army vs clergy issue in his first line. A++ show writers.

I can't believe I'm shipping them. I'm officially one of THOSE PEOPLE. But...but! He bops her with his nose and it's adorable! They are the most inappropriate siblings ever and I love them so much.

ALSO THERE'S THIS SCENE which is such an amazing Lucrezia scene because it's like she's a BAMF in training:
Lucrezia: Why the dove Cesare?
Cesare: It has a dual purpose my love, like many things in life. It serves as both a symbol and a messenger.
Lucrezia: A symbol of what?
Cesare: The uncorrupted soul.
Lucrezia: And a messenger of what?
Cesare: Corruption
Lucrezia: You mean to say it bares news of how many votes we must buy in the papal election?
Cesare: You are criminally well informed sis. I trust your soul is still of the purest white.
Lucrezia: How many votes must we buy him Cesare?
Cesare: You know too much already don't you?
Lucrezia: You're wrong, I know too little.

UGHHHHH! I cannot even talk about how much I love that shot of Giulia Farnese shot through the cross in the confessional. Dear show, you are too pretty to exist. I also love Giulia's introduction scene.

Lucrezia: Can I kiss you then?
Giulia: Only if we are to be friends.
Lucrezia: We are friends already.

Also perfection? All the Giulia/Lucrezia scenes. I love how at-ease Lucrezia is with the idea of some random lady being all up in her father's rooms. And her telling the painter that he wasn't doing a good enough job! LOL! And her random tangent about wanting to get painted with a seahorse was so bratty and amazing. Oh pretty ladies, you are the greatest. I can't wait to see where the show takes both of them. It seems like it's willing to go interesting places with the female characters. I love it when lady characters are awesome in period-appropriate ways.

Which brings me to one of my favorite scenes! LOVEEEEEE this scene. I loved it when they just released a small part of it over one of the promos but I love the full version EVEN MORE. I love that Giulia can see that Lucrezia has a great wit and intelligence about her already and the end was so ominous and Oh Lucrezia, girl, things are going to be getting weird for you soon.

Lucrezia: Am I your love?
Giulia: I would dearly love you to be.
Lucrezia: My mother hates you.
Giulia: You will learn my dear, as women we control so little of our destiny, men do. And the outcome is we hate each other, but we should not.
Lucrezia: Who should we hate then? Men?
Giulia: No my love, it's in our nature to love them but we should protect ourselves against them, against our feelings towards them. We will, all of us be replaced.
Lucrezia: Are you giving me instruction?
Giulia: Would you like me to?
Lucrezia: I think I would. What weapons do I have with which to protect myself?
Giulia: Your beauty.
Lucrezia: Is that a weapon?
Giulia: It can be deadly, when well used. But beauty doesn't last forever, gone like the snows of last year.
Lucrezia: What else?
Giulia: When beauty fades your wit, your intelligence.
Lucrezia: And I have those weapons?
Giulia: Oh, in abundance.You should cultivate them. You will be married someday, you may need them. Sooner than you think.


Note: Please don't steal or hotlink my caps. It would make my photobucket sad, and then angry and then I would have no more photobucket. Also please don't repost my graphics to tumblr. I have a tumblr and I'll probably cross post them there if you want to reblog or whatever.
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:55pm on 23/03/2011
Please post to Tumblr, these picspams are so pretty, especially the last one! <333

And gah I agree with almost all of this (except for the knowing much of anything part--which in some ways might be a blessing after going into the Tudors knowing so much)....I want to draw little hearts around the Pilot! <333

I love the Spanish stuff too, though I was rolling my eyes at the YELLOW BULL thing cuz it's like, "Dumbass you realize that yellow is an unlucky color in your culture, right?" (Oh wait, maybe that's ~foreshadowing too! :p).

And omg JEREMY IRONS, YOUR VOICE, GET IN ME MY EARS NOW! (Listening to him narrate the Westminster Abbey Audioguide=best audioguide ever. I could listen to that man read the phonebook for hours, ffs). The whole case is perfection though, I'm loving Cesare and Lucrezia so much as well, lol ITA about how ridic old she looks, but how at the same time she manages with her fabulous acting to make herself seem younger at the same time. I'd only ever seen her before in Merlin where she was a jailbait-looking annoying bitch (she did actually look almost 14 then, lol), such a contrast!

And yes LOL COME TO THE INCEST-SHIPPING DARKSIDE, WE HAVE COOKIES AND HOT EYE-SEXING! :p Loved how his mother was TOTALLY SIDE-EYEING HIM too...;) (Though I don't ship incest that often, only in cases like this where it's overpowering the chemistry and such).
posted by [identity profile] at 03:47pm on 30/03/2011
Please post to Tumblr, these picspams are so pretty, especially the last one! <333
Aww thanks muchly! They are all posted to tumblr now or at least most of them. :)

I want to draw little hearts around the Pilot! <333

I think that your sentence just sums up all my many and varied feelings about the Pilot/this show. SO MANY HEARTS.

"Dumbass you realize that yellow is an unlucky color in your culture, right?" (Oh wait, maybe that's ~foreshadowing too! :p).
HAHA OH JUAN. That was one of my favorite parts. I feel like you got so much about the character just from that little flash of dumbass-ness.

And omg JEREMY IRONS, YOUR VOICE, GET IN ME MY EARS NOW! (Listening to him narrate the Westminster Abbey Audioguide=best audioguide ever.

No lie, I wish my life was narrated by Jeremy Irons. I feel like everything I do would be so much more ~dramatic~ and ~inspiring~ if he was narrating it. "And then...she buy the bagel! But would she get cream cheese?!"

'd only ever seen her before in Merlin where she was a jailbait-looking annoying bitch (she did actually look almost 14 then, lol), such a contrast!

She was in Merlin?! How come I don't even remember her? Crazy! Who did she play in Merlin/what season? I sort of dropped off with the show after season two so maybe I just missed her.


I THINK I'M ALREADY THERE. It's not my fault! It's them and their attractiveness and their LITTLE FACES. UGH. Stop being so flawless and inappropriate you two!
posted by [identity profile] at 09:35pm on 30/03/2011
Lol, no, she was in season 1 as the irritating evil bitchy Lady Sophia! ;)

Hardly recognizable now in this role however, I didn't believe it when I first heard until I looked it up on imdb...

And lol "I wish my life was narrated by Jeremy Irons" has to be my favorite quote of the day today! :p Me too...
posted by [identity profile] at 04:43pm on 31/03/2011
AH OMG WHAT?! Wow. I vaguely remember that episode and that girl being really annoying! She really looks so different now, even though that wasn't very long ago at all.

Haha thanks! I think everything would be better with Jeremy Irons narrating. He could probably make *Twilight* seem deep and profound.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:19pm on 23/03/2011
lovely picspam :D
Huge Borgia geek here but decided that to enjoy the show I'll forget the actual history...
I adore Giulia and agree that shot of her was great!

In a way I prefer Giulia/Lucrezia than the hinted Lucrezia/Cesare... (wow, I did just back off an incest ship. This has NEVER happened before!)
posted by [identity profile] at 04:35pm on 31/03/2011
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm like a starter Borgia geek and I figure they will probably go for more ~drama~ but hope that they don't stray to far from actual history. I mean the Borgias were so dramatic the show basically writes itself!

In a way I prefer Giulia/Lucrezia than the hinted Lucrezia/Cesare...

Well both Giulia and Lucrezia are awesome so I would not be opposed
posted by [identity profile] at 07:26pm on 31/03/2011
Ah I see - I hope they try to stick to fact rather than all rumour :z
hehe Giulia is my fav. I've decided (for the show anyway).
posted by [identity profile] at 05:31pm on 23/03/2011
Lovely lovely LOVELY picspam!! Is it ok If I pimp it a bit on my lj? Because it's seriously great! I'll just have a direct link to here. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS <333333333.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:26pm on 30/03/2011
Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! And of COURSE, I'd be honored! Pimp away! <3
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posted by [identity profile] at 09:37pm on 23/03/2011
posted by [identity profile] at 08:21pm on 30/03/2011
OMG JEN! OMG! I'm so excited about The Borgias I can't even! You need to be around more often so that you can be my Borgias squee buddy!!
posted by [identity profile] at 10:31pm on 23/03/2011
These are gorgeous, everything looks so bright and wonderful! ♥

I pretty much agree with everything you said. The cinematography is lovely, and it doesn't hurt that basically every actor is really, really, ridiculously good-looking (Fran├žois Arnaud, I'm looking at you). I went into the show determined not to ship anything, but Cesare/Lucrezia just cannot be denied. Siblings, you say? She's underage? Idec, just bring on the fic!

Excuse me while I go check out all the books on the Borgias my university library has even though I've probably read most of them already and neglect the reading I actually have to do.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:37pm on 31/03/2011
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed!

Everyone on this show is just TOO ATTRACTIVE. And then you get attractive people with great chemistry and being able to avoid shipping Ceseare/Lucrezia becomes basically impossible.

Excuse me while I go check out all the books on the Borgias my university library has even though I've probably read most of them already and neglect the reading I actually have to do.

This sounds like a fantastic life plan, ngl! I've only read the two Borgia books but if you have any awesome book recs I'd love to hear them! :)
posted by [identity profile] at 11:42pm on 23/03/2011
posted by [identity profile] at 08:20pm on 30/03/2011
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:18am on 24/03/2011
Have to say, I only know about the Borgias because of Assassin's Creed. Yes, a video game, but a rather awesome one at that. I can't wait to watch The Borgias. Thanks so much for this picspam!
posted by [identity profile] at 08:22pm on 30/03/2011
Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Yea, when I started looking up info about the Borgias I saw Assasin's Creed stuff everywhere. It made me very curious about the game. I love that they use historical figures for it! (Caterina Sfroza ftw <3)
posted by [identity profile] at 06:11am on 24/03/2011
Gorgeous! This show is so pretty.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:22pm on 30/03/2011
Thanks so much! This show is almost too pretty to exist.
posted by [identity profile] at 06:18am on 24/03/2011
OK I consider myself a SMRT person. I have 18 years of education. I know a lot of random shit. So... how is it that I am just now learning the existence of the Borgias family from a LJ post about a Showtime tv show?!?!


anyway, the picspam is teh pretteh, even though I have no Showtime/time-time and cannot watch. (and the incest factor is kinda squicky) but still pretty!
posted by [identity profile] at 04:41pm on 31/03/2011
HAHA! Girl, please. That is EXACTLY how I learned of their existence too. Only then it was like a trailer for a trashy looking Showtime show. I've only recently, thanks to historical fiction, started to know things about European history so there are probably many, many things I'd be like "lol what?" about. haha!

Thanks! Maybe you can check it out at the end of the season, it's only going to be like 10 episodes or so. And I read somewhere that the incest is going to be basically nonexistent, they are just really, really inappropriately touchy siblings. lol!
posted by [identity profile] at 12:23am on 25/03/2011
Gorgeous picspam! ♥
posted by [identity profile] at 08:19pm on 30/03/2011
Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:40pm on 25/03/2011
Wahhh! I love this! I thought it was supposed to premier April 3rd! Did I miss something? I reallllyyy hope I didn't miss the first episode T.T
posted by [identity profile] at 08:19pm on 30/03/2011
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

(And no worries, it does premiere this Sunday :P)
posted by [identity profile] at 09:47pm on 26/03/2011

I agree with every single word.

posted by [identity profile] at 03:48pm on 30/03/2011
WHY IS THIS SHOW SO PERFECT? Ugh I love it so much already!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the picspam! :)
posted by [identity profile] at 03:45am on 02/04/2011
Lovely spam! I'm in love with this show already. Can't wait to see the next episode. btw, followed you on tumblr. I'm CaitlynAricelis. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 07:44pm on 03/04/2011
Thanks! Glad you liked it! I'm so obsessed with this show already, it's sort of a problem. I can't wait until the next episode! :)

Yay! Following you back on tumblr! :)


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