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2012-11-07 07:59 pm

Friends Only!

Friends Only!

So I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but it's finally time. No, not hammer time. Friends only time.

Currently: Not Adding

With a new job, a crazy-long commute, yoga classes, new fall teevee and an already pretty long flist I'm starting to feel like I can't keep up with everyone I already have on my flist. I'll probably open up friending again soon in the future, but for now I'm not sure I'd be a very good new friend. :(

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2011-03-23 12:30 pm
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The Borgias Pilot Picspam: Criminally well informed

So as many of you might have noticed from my general red-alert level of squee, I've been pretty excited about Showtime's The Borgias. AND IT IS JUST AS AMAZING AS I THOUGHT.

I urge everyone to watch it. EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE. It is filled with beautiful scenery and history and Francois Arnaud's FACE. I've already watched the pilot twice is two days. And thus I present in picspam form why this show is so fantastic.

The Borgias Pilot Picspam!! )
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2011-02-26 09:53 pm

My sunglasses match the cocaine tray, I'm so L.A.!

HEYYYYY!! So guess who is going to LA tomorrow bright and early in the morning? ME! I'm going with some friends to visit our friend Amy that just moved out in Janurary. I'm very excited because it's been disgusting and cold and gross here. Even if it's not totally warm over there at least the odds seem to to be against getting snowed on. Hopefully?

The only thing I'm bummed about is a.) missing Gossip Girl and my recap commenting Tuesday tradition and b.) FANDOM MARCH MADNESS. UGH. Last year, ngl, Fandom March Madness was pretty much what I DID at work in March. I don't know how I should feel about that. I still remember the gchat conversations with [ profile] pinkspots talking about my bracket and all the ~fandom politics~. I think I got like 6th or something for my bracket? I was very proud of this useless accomplishment, I remember that. Hopefully brackets won't all be done by the time I get back on next Sunday morning.

I'm stoked I've actually never been to California before. Anyway! Due to iPhone having I will be able to check LJ and maybe even answer back but I will probably be mostly busy going places and doing things and DAY DRINKINGGGGG! (Imagine that in an Oprah voice!)

So let me know if I miss anything and leave me tons of comments here as I probs won't have time to pop all over the place.


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2011-02-14 03:59 pm
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Happy VD everyone!

I still have to answer comments and things of that nature but I wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely people! Frankly, VDay is just another day for me but all you lovely people in relationships should have a great day.

And people who aren't that feel bad about it today just remember that you have plenty of friends and family that love you. Also it's totally socially acceptable to gorge on candy today, so there's that!

Thought this meme seemed cute! If you have a thread link me up so I can leave you some love <3


PS: For anyone who doesn't know (since I don't think I mentioned) I have a tumblr and my name there is newsprintsmudges.

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2011-02-08 12:43 am

Don't be a douche: A SV fandom public service annoucement

So I was originally writing up a post about going to see Allison Mack in Apple Cover over the weekend but then I got side tracked by real life stress today and now I'm catching up on the Chloe fan kerfuffle and laughing and shaking my head. So this post will be about that instead with my Apple Cove stuff to come tomorrow. (I KNOW GUYS MARK YOUR CALENDAR. lol no one cares)

As funny as I find most of this (and it's pretty funny) it also bums me out. Especially after my lovely experience with everyone at Apple Cove. We weren't all one type of Chloe fan and we managed to eat Greek food and unsucessfully try to hail cabs and not murder each other. OMG it's not even a good TV show. We're not fighting over Shakespeare here guys. This is a show that can count among it's plotlines FAKE BABY and UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.

The thing that I always really liked about my/our corner of the fandom is how we stuck together. We sort of felt like the underdogs, just like Chloe herself. In my time in SV fandom, I've seen people ship all kinds of Chloe pairings. Chlex. Chlark. Chlionel (Ok that's mostly just me). Chlollie. Chavis. Chlois although that is more a theory than a ship but let's just go with this.

The cool thing about being a Chloe fan always used to be that we were all pretty chill with multi-shipping. Let's not ruin the one good thing we got out of this show. BE COOL BBS.

I think a good rule of thumb is to just not be an asshole. Not that hard.

You don't like such and such pairing or such and such thing? Coolio. No one cares. You love such and such pairing? Awesome! I still don't care but I hope it brings you joy. Let's not be so invested in the opinions of others. I know the "SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET" urge can get so strong sometimes but at those times ask yourself "Am I being a douche?" If the answer is yes (and you will know when it is) then just take a deep breath and realize that contrary to what facebook/twitter/blog culture tells us, we don't ACTUALLY need to post every thought we have. Sometimes censoring is just being polite.

The show is almost over and I can guarantee, because I have been following (if not watching the last two years) this terrible mess so long that not everyone will be happy how it ends. Probably no one will. I'm personally holding out for rocks fall, everyone dies. So instead of making even the fandom for this shitty show shitty can we just BE COOL? Please? I just want to be like that chick in Mean Girls and bake a cake full of rainbows and get the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Dammit Smallville fandom, this is why we can't have nice things.

ETA: Decided to unlock the post because I stand by my "please let's not be douches" public service announcement.

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2011-01-10 11:43 am
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Top 15 Albums of 2010

So! It's been a whole week into January but I never post anything on time anyway! I wanted to do a top movies or top TV show of 2010 picspam but I got lazy. Plus TV shows are hard since they run September to September and frankly I'm not sure I can even think of ten movies from this year I liked all that much. (The list would be Inception! Inception! INCEPTION!)

Instead I did my Top 15 Albums of 2010. I did a Top 10 of 2009 last year and it's really fun to look back on. I decided to expand the field this year because there were a lot of albums that I really liked (without being crazy in love with like with Florence or Metric last year). Also apparently I am terrible about talking about what I like about music? I would be a really terrific music reviewer apparently. "THIS MAKES ME HAPPY! THIS SOUNDS REAL NICE! I LIKE THE PART THAT IS PRETTY!"

TOP 15 ALBUMS OF 2010 PICSPAM! With bonus music! )
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2010-12-24 05:38 pm
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Merry Merry Christmas my lovlies!

So it's Christmas Eve everyone. Time to get together in front of the fire/yule log/teevee and drink hot chocolate/eggnog/seasonal-beverage-of-your-choice and spend time with the ones you love.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas this year! I know I've been a bad friend recently but you guys make fandom and the internet a great place to be, despite the rampant crazy. I know I can always count on my flisters to post things that are awesome and to make me smile. I hope you guys know how great you are and have an equally great holiday! I <3 you all!


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2010-12-22 02:22 pm
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I was perfect.

I watched Black Swan Monday night. IT WAS VERY PRETTY AND FREAKY AND AWESOME. So I decided to picspam. Spoiler alert: when hopped up on cold medicine that movie is even more trippy.

Black Swan Picspam! No actual spoilers other than 'there is ballet!' and 'weird shit happens'. )

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2010-09-15 03:57 pm
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Gossip Girl 4x01 Picspam: Oh Mon Dieu!

So I actually missed watching the premiere of Gossip Girl live because I was crashing a show at Fashion Week, which I felt was probably the only acceptable reason to miss my favorite flossy darlings.

I was planning on just posting up a short entry with some thoughts and maybe one graphic of Blair and Serena prancing through Paris. But then, as it turned out, the whole episode was so pretty I found it sort of impossible not to picspam. My lack of self control, let me show you it.

Gossip Girl 4x01 Picspam: OH LALA! )
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2010-06-16 03:15 pm

Morgan Tells You What to Read By Babbling Incoherently And Then Using Capslock A Lot

Hi guys! So I'm titling this post "Morgan Tells You What to Read By Babbling Incoherently And Then Using Capslock A Lot." I'm sure you will all enjoy it.

I've been talking on and off recently about how I've been reading The Lymond Chronicles and how they are the best thing ever. And a few people have even expressed interest in also picking them up, even though I've prefaced every squee-fest about them with "BUT ALSO THEY ARE CONFUSING". At least two/three people on my flist I believe have at least started the books.

So I thought to myself, I thought "Self! If you can get a few people to pick up these books just by randomly mentioning how they are melting your brain, imagine what you could do if you made a pimp post! Maybe a whole OTHER PERSON would start reading. And then you would have THREE people to talk about them with. Three! Imagine!"


Book Recommendation Pimp Post!: The Lymond Chronicles. They are the best and you should read them!!1! )

I've been considering starting up a Lymond Book Club community here on LJ with [ profile] mordororbust. I know there's a general comm for Lymond stuff but it's actually hard to discuss the books without getting spoiled. I think it would be fun to have people discussing all the different books as they read them and we could break the books down into parts for discussion posts, etc. Plus my immediate reaction whenever anyone mentions they are reading the books is generally "OMG! What do you think?! Where are you? How do you feel? Who is your favorite? TELL ME YOUR FEELINGS!" Which I think gets a bit creepy. So if we had a book club I might stop creeping people out by sending them weird Lymond emails.

Would anyone else reading the books/thinking of reading the books/have read the books be interested in a Lymond Book Club?

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2010-06-01 09:02 am
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Gossip Girl Fanmix: Love Like Ours is Terrible News {A Blair/Chuck Mix}

So I've had at least half of this mix sitting on my computer for like...six months? A year? (My fanmix process takes FOREVER, it is quite sad. At this rate I will post my Serena/Blair and Chuck fanmixes like ten years after the show goes off.) But I'm actually glad I waited or else it wouldn't have included the awesome She & Him song that's the title. Seriously though, no more perfect Blair/Chuck song exists I'm pretty sure.

Also this is a super belated bday present for the lovely [ profile] topazera. Thanks for being awesome and thanks for giving me a reason to get off my ass and finally post this. Hope you enjoy!

Love Like Ours is Terrible News {A Blair/Chuck Mix}

How do you play the game? I'll be the first to leave )
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2010-05-23 02:07 pm
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Thank you for being a friend Lost!

So tonight is the season finale of LOST. I have so many feelings you guys. So many ~feelings~. I'm going to be watching over [ profile] pinkspots's so I won't be around to post/tweet/yell at the internet tonight. So instead I'm going to write Lost a letter about our times together.

Namaste Lost!

Wow! Six years! Where has the time gone? [insert time travel joke here] I know that we haven't always seen eye to eye Lost. We've had some good times (time travel!) and some bad times (like rememeber that time you introduced all the tail section people and then killed them all off and we were all like "lol glad we wasted all that time on them!" I do too) but throughout it all we've always stuck together. I mean sure, there was that time in s3 that I thought about quitting you. But I'm glad I couldn't, like that guy in Brokeback Mountain, or I would have never discovered the awesome of Juliet or learned about physics from Daniel Faraday.

Sure, this season has been a bit uneven. And I still don't know what to do with the magical cave light. And I'm glad I'm not a female or minority on the island. But it's also given us another great Desmond episode and a more likable Jack and plenty of jears. So we'll call it even.

Even if most of the mysteries aren't answered, even if the finale is not the best thing ever, Lost will still be a groundbreaking show I loved for six years. I'll miss discussing the episodes the day after and trying to figure out what it all means. I'll miss all the crazy internet theories. I'll miss those little Benry comic strips.

No matter what happens tonight, I'll still love Lost, even if I do occassionally want to punch it in the face. Or feed it to a polar bear. I'm sad it's leaving us and still not ready to let go. But we all have to grow up and drink out of Jacob's magical sippy cup sometime.

Thanks for all the memories Lost.

I'll miss you....4 8 15 16 23 42,

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2010-05-20 02:35 pm
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Why do I have so many thoughts about Gossip Girl?

So I really liked the Gossip Girl finale? WTF not expecting that. Maybe it was because I was already spoiled for a lot of it? But they got me with all the drama and the previous season call backs and the pilot references. I'M EASY OK?

Gossip Girl 3x22: Season Finales and Georgina Sparks go together like bananas and pajamas )

I might do a finale picspam soon with all the comparisons to other seasons/the pilot. Also I realize this post is completely ridiculous. Sometimes I think lots of thoughts about Gossip Girl! I can't help it!


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2010-05-04 11:58 am

I think Important Thoughts on Important TV!

UGHUGHUGH. I have to get better at keeping up with LJ. Why am I so FAIL with it lately? IDK. I'm going to blame it on the sun luring me out of doors. What is this "fresh air" you speak of? Although it was pretty gross yesterday with all the humid making my hair all poofy and the rain and the man hole cover exploding in front of my building (no, really).

Also I went on a tour of the Whale Wars ship last Thursday! WHALE WARSSSS! Then I went home over the weekend and marathoned the first season of WHALE WARSSSS (which I feel needs to always be typed in all caps like FAKE BABY and TOMAAAA for some reason) and it was hilarious. Oh my LORD it was so hilarious. It's like they gathered a bunch of tools and hippies and then set them out to sea! It's sort of my dream reality show. I kept wanting to punch people in the face and yet I kept watching.


Doctor Who 5x05: AKA Get It Gurl! )


Gossip Girl 3x20: Isn't that the kind of food paralegals eat? )

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2010-03-14 03:49 pm
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(no subject)

So I put these caps together last week but was too lazy to put together the picspam until today. But we all know how happy I am to have the flossy insanity of XOXO back in my life so therefore I give you:

Gossip Girl 3x13: Anyone who meets you can see you're an elitist snob who's perfect around a secret society. )
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2010-03-08 12:15 pm
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Gossip Girl Fanmix: Ain't Born Typical {A Serena Fanmix}

So! To celebrate the return of my favorite flossy show tonight I decided to finally post up this fanmix. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I've had parts of this fanmix on my computer since s1. It takes me FOREVER to post fanmixes because a.) I'm lazy and b.) I'm a big weirdo that has to make sure every song ~fits~.

Ain't Born Typical {A Serena Fanmix}

Drink up baby, stay up all night, the things you could do, you won't but you might )
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2010-03-03 12:26 pm



GUYS! GUYS! Seriously GUYS! You know how I said last night that if you didn't vote for Chloe I didn't know you? WELL I'M SERIOUS YOU GUYS. She's loosing to Lois. LOIS! This cannot happen. If this happens I will burn down fandom.

IF YOU LOVE ME AT ALL YOU WILL VOTE FOR CHLOE! I don't care if you don't even know who she is bbs. DO IT FOR ME. I know I have plenty of Gossip Girl fan bbs on my flist who have the good taste not to watch Smallville. Do me a solid and vote for Chloe! I will post some icons I have lying around on my computer! I WILL BRIBE YOU GUYS, COME ON!

[This post was brought to you by rage, too much coffee and RAGE. Have a nice day!]

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2010-02-28 12:52 pm
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Picspam: Rabbit Heart (A Lost/Florence + the Machine song picspam)

I just want to thank snowicane for allowing me the time to do this. It's all thanks to you, annoying combination of snow and rain that seemed like it was totally awful in the morning and then became SUNNY by the time I woke up again.

(I was watching the local news and they were like "MY GOD STAY IN YOUR HOUSE IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!" I'm not even exaggerating. Then they threw to one reporter who was reporting next to the car she had wrecked on the way to work! "This just in! I HIT A GUARD RAIL STAY INSIDE OMG DON'T DIE VIEWERS!")

I start spinning slipping out of time/was that the wrong pill to take? )
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2010-02-23 01:53 pm
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Picspam: Top 5 Badass Juliet Moments

So that thing happens to me that always happens when a new season of LOST comes on. Which is that I become reobsessed with the show, even though I haven't really thought about it in months. When this reobession compounded with an Amazon DVD sale...basically it was bad. I ended up buying seasons 3 and 5 and watching a whole bunch of Juliet episodes and deciding I really need to waste my life picspamming. BUT DVD QUALITY CAPS YOU GUYS!

Picspam: Top 5 Badass Juliet Moments. {She's a bad mother-SHUT-YO-MOUTH!} )
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2009-12-23 12:20 pm
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Top Ten Albums of 2009! (Plus songs!)

So! I can't believe the year is almost ending. Goodbye 2009. Goodbye aughts! The 00s have been sort of the worst decade ever though so...maybe I should be like hello 10s? Seriously though, think about the last ten years. 9/11. Katrina. Bush (twice!). The worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression. The Twilight Saga. I mean this year alone we had all those celebrity deaths too. (seriously?! Brittany Murphy?! WTF!) So let's hope 2010 is a little less wonky.

Anyway I was planning on a doing a bunch of best of lists for the year but then I realized that ermmm I don't think that many movies were all that great this year? Or perhaps I just didn't see enough movies for a top ten? And TV is always hard to do 'best of the year' because TV seasons run September to May not January to January. (For instance HIMYM was awesome and delightful at the end of the season last year but has sucked like a hoover this year so where does that leave it exactly?)

So instead I will be doing Top Ten Albums of the Year because music is easy and I'm obsessed with it! Also my insanely long commute this year has allowed me time to listen to more whole albums instead of doing playlists. So without further ado:

Top Ten Albums of 2009! )

Why is it so hard to write coherently about music? I find myself just going "IT'S GOOD AND SOUNDS PRETTY AND MAKES ME EARS HAPPY OMGOMGIDK!" I'm so ~eloquent~.