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Ok. I know. I KNOW. I just did a picspam like three days ago. I was not expecting to get home from a successful day of shopping and just suddenly feel it necessary to picspam Smallville. But who knew that last week's episode of Smallville would be so good. Certainly not I! I never expect the words epic amazing and Smallville to coincide in the same sentence. No one was more shocked than I was! I'm starting to feel like maybe my abusive relationship with Smallville is at a turning point. Like, maybe Smallville really means it when it says it loves me now? Maybe it'll stop hitting me?


The episode finished and I felt like I was trapped in a glass case of emotions! As [ profile] nyonyo put it, if you had told me last year that a Whedon show would be on the air and I'd be like "lol whatever let's cap Smallville!" I would have called you a liar and a scoundrel. AND YET!

Since [ profile] nyonyo did a insanely beautiful picspam of the whole episode already, I decided to just picspam the epic Chlark phone convo that I've been watching on a loop on youtube.

Smallville Beast Picspam: Everything I've ever done, right or wrong, I did it for you. )
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Since the last episode of Gossip Girl was such a fun return to form (and included some truly hilarious scenes) I thought it was only right to picspam it! Now, knowing my tendency to get completely insane with the length of my picspams I decided to limit this one to four scenes in this episode made of awesome.

So now, without further ado:

Spying in berets and stalking in limos and loling at life ruination: A Gossip Girl 2x22 picspam )
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So! I think we all know that I love a good bad movie so on the recommendation of the evol [ profile] cilly I decided to watch The Room. I gathered some beer and my partner in bad-movie-watching [ profile] pinkspots and we watched the crap out of that movie.

And not only was it a bad movie, it was in fact the WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I just...there aren't even WORDS. I WAS SPEECHLESS AT THE END. Without speech! So, without further ado:

The 10 Reasons you have to experience THE ROOM! )

-Please don't steal/hotlink my caps. I honestly have no idea why you would but I figured I'd mention it just to be safe.

-Enjoy the picspam!
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Ok hold the phone, you're saying. First off what is D-Wars? Why haven't I ever heard of it? Isn't that the dude from Roswell? Why is he wearing bling? Is that a dino with a rocket launcher? How is this the best movie ever?

This picspam will answer all these questions and more. Get ready to take a magical journey into a movie so full of unintentional laughter that my sides hurt after watching.

Welcome to the world....of D-WARS! There are dinos with bazookas and ninjas and Jason Behr with 70s porn hair! )

- Please don't steal or hotlink my caps. I have no idea why you would as I'm not aware of a huge D-WARS fandom. But still. If you hotlink photobucket will be mean to me and I will be sad.

- Enjoy the picspam!
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So! LOST was nuts last night. My mind, it has been blown. Daniel/Charlotte are so cute though. If anything happens to them I will be super pissed. You are already on notice for killing all my favorite ships, LOST. Try to redeem yourself.

In other news, I will be doing these TOP 5 memes until I die apparently. So here's another one dedicated to [ profile] pinkspots because she requested them. :P


TOP 5: KStew Bitchfaces!! )

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posted by [personal profile] mojotastic at 02:37pm on 20/01/2009 under ,
So I thought I would lump both of my Gossip Girl Top 5's together! So without further ado I give you:

Top 5 Gossip Girl Episodes: A Picspam )

Top 5 Gossip Girl Outfits: AKA Top 5 CHUCK BASS FASHIONS! )

Oh Gossip Girl.

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Ok so I've mentioned this was coming. Just like my Gossip Girl epic picspams of yore I have epically picspammed the shit out of 2x13.

I have entitled this episode= Chuck Cullen: The Skin of a KILLA.

Gossip Girl 2x13 Picspam: aka Why so Sullen Charles Cullen? )

WHEW! So that was the picspam. Thank God I split doing this over a couple of days or I would have went insane. It was EPIC and huge. Drop me a comment if you got through all that. O_O

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So, if you guys hadn't noticed I like this little show called Gossip Girl. It has lots of pretty people wearing crazy clothes and dropping wisdom like "Don't eff with an effer." For real. There is very little not to love about this show.

Which maybe explains why I took nearly 200 caps of the season finale. Oh boy. And here I thought my GG picspam for Seventeen Candles was gonna be a low point. Dayum you obsession!

So, without further ado:

GOSSIP GIRL: Epic Finale Picspam. )

That picspam was...oh man. It was so epic. If you're still here give yourself a cookie. It was a really pretty episode though, in my defense.

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posted by [personal profile] mojotastic at 12:06pm on 15/11/2007 under , ,
So I had to miss Gossip Girl as it aired on Wednesday and download instead. Which meant I had the whole episode. On my computer. Next to my cap making program.

....and this episode contained a lot of Blair/Creepy Rapist Dude goodness. I think we can all see where I'm going with this.

So what did I do last night instead of working on my paper for Media Ethics and Law? I capped the shit out of Gossip Girl for a picspam....heavy on the "Blair/Chuck are the best ever" side.

Gossip Girl 108 EPIC picspam: Another episode cementing my love of Blair/Chuck...this cannot be healthy. )

Oh man. I need to work on my paper. *sobs*

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So, we all know that the Heroes Cast is the best cast in the world right? And as they are currently on their World Tour right now, partying like rock stars? I thought I would make a huge post of Pictures and Videos from their tour. Because I'm a loser like that, and it was fun staring at tons of pictures of pretty people!

I can't believe I go back to school in a few days! I'm not ready yet!

MASSIVE HEROES PICSPAM INSIDE. Plus tons of VIDS. You've been warned. The pretty, it burns! )

VIDEOS! If you haven't seen the beauty of the BUTT-TA video? Your life is not complete )

I think that was a completely awesome waste of time. I'm gonna leave this un-flocked took awhile. And everyone should see the wonder of the hotness of the Heroes cast. (I realize that was a horrible run on sentence. I'm sorry.)

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