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HEYYYYY!! So guess who is going to LA tomorrow bright and early in the morning? ME! I'm going with some friends to visit our friend Amy that just moved out in Janurary. I'm very excited because it's been disgusting and cold and gross here. Even if it's not totally warm over there at least the odds seem to to be against getting snowed on. Hopefully?

The only thing I'm bummed about is a.) missing Gossip Girl and my recap commenting Tuesday tradition and b.) FANDOM MARCH MADNESS. UGH. Last year, ngl, Fandom March Madness was pretty much what I DID at work in March. I don't know how I should feel about that. I still remember the gchat conversations with [ profile] pinkspots talking about my bracket and all the ~fandom politics~. I think I got like 6th or something for my bracket? I was very proud of this useless accomplishment, I remember that. Hopefully brackets won't all be done by the time I get back on next Sunday morning.

I'm stoked I've actually never been to California before. Anyway! Due to iPhone having I will be able to check LJ and maybe even answer back but I will probably be mostly busy going places and doing things and DAY DRINKINGGGGG! (Imagine that in an Oprah voice!)

So let me know if I miss anything and leave me tons of comments here as I probs won't have time to pop all over the place.


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I still have to answer comments and things of that nature but I wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely people! Frankly, VDay is just another day for me but all you lovely people in relationships should have a great day.

And people who aren't that feel bad about it today just remember that you have plenty of friends and family that love you. Also it's totally socially acceptable to gorge on candy today, so there's that!

Thought this meme seemed cute! If you have a thread link me up so I can leave you some love <3


PS: For anyone who doesn't know (since I don't think I mentioned) I have a tumblr and my name there is newsprintsmudges.

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Holiday Love Meme! (My Thread)

I think I did most of everyone's meme last night but post links to your threads in the comments and if I haven't already I'll leave you comments. You guys are so awesome that I feel you all deserve my weird, rambley love.

Also I'm so behind on my Christmas cards this year that I'm starting to consider just scrapping the idea entirely? Like I don't even HAVE half of my friend's actually addresses so that would take even *longer* which means that I'd be just skirting getting the cards out by Christmas anyway. Is that terrible? It's my own fault for being lazy and putting it off. O_O

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So! I'm leaving for Disney tomorrow and I JUST got done packing everything tonight! I meant to start packing last night but I ended up having to stay at the office until 7...which meant I didn't get home until 9. So by that point I was really only in the mood for food and Gossip Girl DVDs, not packing. So I had to pack everything tonight! GOOD JOB SELF.

But anyway, I'll be in Disney from Friday until Tuesday! Chilling out with my homeboi Mickey Mouse! So this means that I'm officially on a tiny vacation-hiatus.

Mostly I think this whole post was just an excuse to use my mickey-ized version of this graphic. And hey, it's actually pretty on point too, considering both Jun and Mao have said in interviews that their ideal place to get married to each other! is Disney! And how apparently Jun has made his own guide to the parks with ~insider knowledge~ that everyone in JE uses and some publisher came to Jun and asked about publishing it and he was like "Are you crazy bitches? And ruin it for myself?" Oh Jun. I <3 everything you choose to be.

Anyway, like always, I love having weird/funny/random/awesome stuff to come back to. So please, spam my comments!! I'm serious. With anything. If you have a blingee demonstrating what Chuck Bass would look like wearing Edward Cullen body glitter next season or fic about Nino from Arashi and Barney Stinson having a magic-off, please share.

See you guys in a few days! Have a great labor day bbs!

PS: Happy birthday [ profile] chiri_chan!

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Happy birthday [ profile] topazera!!!!! This is the non-lazy portion of my present! Makino/Domyouji fanmix timeeee!! I've been meaning to make a Makino/Domyouji fanmix for awhile. It usually takes me much longer to throw together a fanmix because it's usually a torturous process of "IDK I don't think that fits! It has to fit ~perfectly~" But thankfully this one came together really quickly. :) I hope you like it, I ended up using a lot of music that's in my current rotation/obsession on my ipod.

Saving You Saved Me {A Makino/Domyouji Mix}

Tsukushi/Tsukasa Fanmix time!! )
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So thanks to all you guys! for being so great and bringing another smile to my face yesterday! <3 to you all.

So yesterday I actually got an email from The Late Show with David Letterman, offering me an internship interview. And I was so torn! Because on the one hand, it's not like *anything* could bascially woo me away from the Daily Show (except maybe Colbert) but on the other hand I have problems saying no to awesome oppurtunties. So I just decided to write back later.

Today they called me on my cell and invited me to come in for an interview! I had to turn them down. I was so conflicted! 'Cuse on the one would be awesome. But then I had to remind myself that I already have the best internship to ever exist. So I had to turn them down.

On the bright side though, that interview process for Letterman sounded *hellish*. According to the email I had to bring in documentation from my school, letters of recommendation AND the interview would be two to three HOURS. So...probably I just dodged a bullet.

On the bright side? No more sending out my resume/going in for interviews for me this summer! Which is what I kinda expected to be doing until I got on the plane!

So, Veronica Mars had it's series finale last night. I watched bits and pieces of it between watching Bones DVDs I rented from Netflix. Which is the saddest thing I could say about my relationship to VM. I'm sad that it's over for all the people who continued to love it right until the bitter, craptastic end. I read some recaps, and everyone's comments and it doesn't even seem like it got an ending with any kind of closure. Didn't RT see the writing on the wall for his show and make a finale with CLOSURE?

Hell, How I Met Your Mother's finale had closure, and the producers of that show were like 90% sure it would come back. As, apparently, someone said in the episode: Rob Thomas is a whore.

Things I need to know about the finale, so I don't have to watch it:

1. Was Veronica awesome? 2. How much of fandom thinks she's a bitch and b.) does this have anything to do with Logan and his deep, inner pain he hides so well? (except that he cries every episode now...sooo..) 3. Did Piz do a crazy dance? 4. Was Weevil awesome? 5. What was the state of Logan/Veronica as of the lame ending? 6. Will Piz ever cut his hair? Ever? For the children?

Thanks in advance for anyone who a.) reads that OR b.) answers any of them. They are V. Important issues.

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So for the first time in Rutgers history we actually got the yesterday off. The WHOLE DAY. As in, all classes, not just evening classes. AND we have today off too. I think this must mean that Global Warming is winning or something, but I don't care because DAY OFF!

I was hoping and praying desperately to have tomorrow off because I have a presentation on Tuesday and I really didn't want to present. I praticed with my group on Sunday (during the terrible rain storm that soaked EVERYTHING I own. Water somehow snuck it's way into my snap iPod case and I have no idea how. I guess it was just like "MUST DESTORY THINGS!" But thankfully my sweet, sweet iPod is fine.) And this was me: "So Jayson york times....journalismisquotemuffinunethical!"

That's really not much of an exaggeration.

I did however do really productive things today. Like watch the last episode of the Pussycat Dolls search. (Don't judge me! You know you secretly watch that skanky show to. While singing Buttons into a brush and trying out your hoochiest dance moves....just me?)

Also I finally got to see Marie Antoinette. I know a lot of people didn't like the movie, and I guess can see why. But seriously? Why did there have to be plot when the movie was THAT PRETTY? Seriously. I'm saving the movie on my hd just so I can cap it and then recolor and picspam later. It was so pretty! I wanted to marry it and have a million of it's brightly colored, pastry babies.

The Virgina Tech shooting is really, really scary. I go to a big university, and honestly it's not hard for me to imagine that it could happen here at Rutgers. It makes me sad that people can have such darkness in themselves and feel like they have the right to take another person's life.

My heart and prayers really goes out to all the people affected by this tragedy. This is so sad, and scary and horrible. It makes me really sad about the state of the world.

On a less serious, more LJ-RIFIC note? WTF is up with my journal? Have you guys noticed that my journal loads really, really friggin SLOW?!

When I try to check my friend's page it literally takes like five minutes for it to load. That's weird right? Have any of you guys had the same problem? And how did you fix it? It's starting to get really, really annoying. I really want it to load faster but I have no idea how to get it to. Freakin' LJ!

Any help with that would be apperciated guys, really. I would love you forever and ever and ever! Isn't that prize enough for helping?

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I changed my layout! (Well...just the top banner really.)

[ profile] mojotastic[ profile] mojotastic[ profile] mojotastic[ profile] mojotastic

I'd love to figure out how to get it more centered though. And I need to fix the quotes and icon so they're Hana Yori Dangoized to match. I wanted to do an icon of the kiss but that kiss is like...impossible to icon. Srsly.

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know Hana Yori Dango is the best Japanese drama evar. Where there is much badly staged fighting, ridiculous romance cliches (caught in an elevator! falling on TOP of each other, just so their lips perfectly match up! disapproving parents!), of all...the most hideous outfits ever seen. They are so funny that I would recommend Hanadan all on the merits of Domyouji's coats. Except the show pretty much rocks hardcore too.

But if you don't believe me, see this picspam of S1 for yourself

And now, in honor of the last episode of S2 airing Friday (don't leave me Hanadan! Don't leave me and take your COATS and your HAIR. Nooooooo!) I decided to redo my layout. Because SV has not been good to me this season. But Hanadan? Has never let me down.

(If you're interested you can download Hanadan HERE. At this point I feel like a drug Hanadan dealer.)

(PS: Speaking of SV though, I'm currently uploading songs for the CHLIONEL fanmix. Yea baby. They are the right kind of wrong.)

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So this entry is pointless. But only in the most awesome of ways.

So me and [ profile] cilly often talk about the real drama of Grey's Anatomy. That being the fact that we dislike Derek intensely, yet cannot help but love Patrick Dempsey ('cuse OMG it's Dempsey! Take me now, doctor of love!) It's a conundrum. 'Cuse Derek is a McDouchebag, stringing along Addy and Mere and cheating on his wife and calling Meredith a whore. But..once again...Patrick Dempsey! What to do?

And then while talking to the lovely [ profile] openarms I totally figured it out guys. I really did.

This is what Grey's Anatomy should do:

Kill off Derek.

No, wait! Stop hitting me!

They should kill off Derek, possibly in a horrible helicopter accident because...well apparently those things are like doctor kryptonite (Hi ER!).

Then they should bring on his twin brother Ferek (also played by Patrick Dempsey). Yes, it is so genius I'm surprised I'm the first to think of it.

Ferek, would obviously be hot. And jaded (because as [ profile] openarms pointed out, with a name like Ferek? How could he not?) He would also be the best at whatever obscure medical field, because no one is just a competent doctor at Seattle Grace. They are all teh_BEST.

Ferek would not be a douchebag. Ferek would hook up with only one female character. Ferek may or may not perform surgeries with his shirt off.

So, because I solved the fundamental problem of Grey's Anatomy? I icon:


That is all. Yes, I AM insane.

Feel free to steal, but credit me. Although, probably I shouldn't want to be credited with such madness. :P

I blame most of this on [ profile] cilly, who is evil

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