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So I actually missed watching the premiere of Gossip Girl live because I was crashing a show at Fashion Week, which I felt was probably the only acceptable reason to miss my favorite flossy darlings.

I was planning on just posting up a short entry with some thoughts and maybe one graphic of Blair and Serena prancing through Paris. But then, as it turned out, the whole episode was so pretty I found it sort of impossible not to picspam. My lack of self control, let me show you it.

Gossip Girl 4x01 Picspam: OH LALA! )
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So I've had at least half of this mix sitting on my computer for like...six months? A year? (My fanmix process takes FOREVER, it is quite sad. At this rate I will post my Serena/Blair and Chuck fanmixes like ten years after the show goes off.) But I'm actually glad I waited or else it wouldn't have included the awesome She & Him song that's the title. Seriously though, no more perfect Blair/Chuck song exists I'm pretty sure.

Also this is a super belated bday present for the lovely [ profile] topazera. Thanks for being awesome and thanks for giving me a reason to get off my ass and finally post this. Hope you enjoy!

Love Like Ours is Terrible News {A Blair/Chuck Mix}

How do you play the game? I'll be the first to leave )
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So I really liked the Gossip Girl finale? WTF not expecting that. Maybe it was because I was already spoiled for a lot of it? But they got me with all the drama and the previous season call backs and the pilot references. I'M EASY OK?

Gossip Girl 3x22: Season Finales and Georgina Sparks go together like bananas and pajamas )

I might do a finale picspam soon with all the comparisons to other seasons/the pilot. Also I realize this post is completely ridiculous. Sometimes I think lots of thoughts about Gossip Girl! I can't help it!


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UGHUGHUGH. I have to get better at keeping up with LJ. Why am I so FAIL with it lately? IDK. I'm going to blame it on the sun luring me out of doors. What is this "fresh air" you speak of? Although it was pretty gross yesterday with all the humid making my hair all poofy and the rain and the man hole cover exploding in front of my building (no, really).

Also I went on a tour of the Whale Wars ship last Thursday! WHALE WARSSSS! Then I went home over the weekend and marathoned the first season of WHALE WARSSSS (which I feel needs to always be typed in all caps like FAKE BABY and TOMAAAA for some reason) and it was hilarious. Oh my LORD it was so hilarious. It's like they gathered a bunch of tools and hippies and then set them out to sea! It's sort of my dream reality show. I kept wanting to punch people in the face and yet I kept watching.


Doctor Who 5x05: AKA Get It Gurl! )


Gossip Girl 3x20: Isn't that the kind of food paralegals eat? )

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So I put these caps together last week but was too lazy to put together the picspam until today. But we all know how happy I am to have the flossy insanity of XOXO back in my life so therefore I give you:

Gossip Girl 3x13: Anyone who meets you can see you're an elitist snob who's perfect around a secret society. )
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So! To celebrate the return of my favorite flossy show tonight I decided to finally post up this fanmix. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I've had parts of this fanmix on my computer since s1. It takes me FOREVER to post fanmixes because a.) I'm lazy and b.) I'm a big weirdo that has to make sure every song ~fits~.

Ain't Born Typical {A Serena Fanmix}

Drink up baby, stay up all night, the things you could do, you won't but you might )
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First of all it's become abundantly clear why I don't picspam more often as apparently I am unable to put together a picspam that is a normal size and instead feel the need for it to be of EPIC proportions. I need to work on this. At the very least I did most of the capping/coloring while watching Are You Afraid of the Dark, so at least I was amused.

Secondly, last week's episode of Gossip Girl was sort of awesome wasn't it? Wasn't it? Bueller? Ok maybe it's just me and my love for Nate and Serena being ~card sharks~ and Blair whoring out Chuck to a dude.

Gossip Girl 3x06 Picspam! It's the episode where Blair whores out Chuck for fun and profit and Nate and Serena get all Ocean's Eleven, if eleven stands for how many brain cells they have between them! )
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SO! I've been planning to do this picspam since last year but have been too lazy to get around to it. And sort of rightly so, as it took me FOREVER. But now, it is completed in all of it's glory so that everyone can acknowledge that Gossip Girl is truly American Hanadan.

Gossip Girl = Hana Yori Dango: The Comparison Picspam )

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Since the last episode of Gossip Girl was such a fun return to form (and included some truly hilarious scenes) I thought it was only right to picspam it! Now, knowing my tendency to get completely insane with the length of my picspams I decided to limit this one to four scenes in this episode made of awesome.

So now, without further ado:

Spying in berets and stalking in limos and loling at life ruination: A Gossip Girl 2x22 picspam )
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Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

The amateur sketch. OMG. I don't know when the last time I laughed that hard was. IT'S AMAZING. Wow that really cheers me up.

So last night I went to bed at like 8 o'clock because I wasn't feeling good and then woke up at 1 going "OMG where am I? IS IT MORNING?" So I didn't get to watch all my ~important informational programs~ aka GOSSIP GIRL until today. I thought it was a pretty good episode of GG. Not the best, but it's really worth watching over and over again if only for this:

Oh Nate. Pretty, dumb Nate. Your brain has to be 90 percent rainbows, sunshine and pot. How dare that director call you an empty vessel. LOOK AT YOUR DANCE MOVES! Could an empty vessel express emotions through dance that way?

OMG GUYS! I need an icon of Nate that says "I Dance More Than You Know"!!! Whoever makes it for me will make my LIFE!

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