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So tonight is the season finale of LOST. I have so many feelings you guys. So many ~feelings~. I'm going to be watching over [ profile] pinkspots's so I won't be around to post/tweet/yell at the internet tonight. So instead I'm going to write Lost a letter about our times together.

Namaste Lost!

Wow! Six years! Where has the time gone? [insert time travel joke here] I know that we haven't always seen eye to eye Lost. We've had some good times (time travel!) and some bad times (like rememeber that time you introduced all the tail section people and then killed them all off and we were all like "lol glad we wasted all that time on them!" I do too) but throughout it all we've always stuck together. I mean sure, there was that time in s3 that I thought about quitting you. But I'm glad I couldn't, like that guy in Brokeback Mountain, or I would have never discovered the awesome of Juliet or learned about physics from Daniel Faraday.

Sure, this season has been a bit uneven. And I still don't know what to do with the magical cave light. And I'm glad I'm not a female or minority on the island. But it's also given us another great Desmond episode and a more likable Jack and plenty of jears. So we'll call it even.

Even if most of the mysteries aren't answered, even if the finale is not the best thing ever, Lost will still be a groundbreaking show I loved for six years. I'll miss discussing the episodes the day after and trying to figure out what it all means. I'll miss all the crazy internet theories. I'll miss those little Benry comic strips.

No matter what happens tonight, I'll still love Lost, even if I do occassionally want to punch it in the face. Or feed it to a polar bear. I'm sad it's leaving us and still not ready to let go. But we all have to grow up and drink out of Jacob's magical sippy cup sometime.

Thanks for all the memories Lost.

I'll miss you....4 8 15 16 23 42,

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I just want to thank snowicane for allowing me the time to do this. It's all thanks to you, annoying combination of snow and rain that seemed like it was totally awful in the morning and then became SUNNY by the time I woke up again.

(I was watching the local news and they were like "MY GOD STAY IN YOUR HOUSE IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!" I'm not even exaggerating. Then they threw to one reporter who was reporting next to the car she had wrecked on the way to work! "This just in! I HIT A GUARD RAIL STAY INSIDE OMG DON'T DIE VIEWERS!")

I start spinning slipping out of time/was that the wrong pill to take? )
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So that thing happens to me that always happens when a new season of LOST comes on. Which is that I become reobsessed with the show, even though I haven't really thought about it in months. When this reobession compounded with an Amazon DVD sale...basically it was bad. I ended up buying seasons 3 and 5 and watching a whole bunch of Juliet episodes and deciding I really need to waste my life picspamming. BUT DVD QUALITY CAPS YOU GUYS!

Picspam: Top 5 Badass Juliet Moments. {She's a bad mother-SHUT-YO-MOUTH!} )
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Jenna Fisher NOOO!

Poor Jenna Fisher. That sounds really, really painful. I hope she's ok.

Also, I was watching the video of her and JK on the site and they are SOO cute. I can't wait until JK's movie comes out! Even though I'll be in Japan and won't get to see it...but still! Jiiimmmmm!

As if I needed more reasons to love Jenna Fisher though, she goes ahead and says that she likes Sawyer/Kate and Jack/Juliet! Go my favorite Lost ships! Go!

I realize that I've been a bit MIA for awhile, but it's been a busy few days. Thanks everyone who wished me luck/continue to wish me luck on my Daily Show interview!


One Tree Hill: AKA I can't believe I'm still watching this show. What is WRONG with me? )

I'm hereby nominating Brooke as the best character on a crappy show. I wanna rescue her, guys. I really, really do.

American Idol )

I'm still so in love with the How I Met Your Mother season finale. I'm SO glad it wasn't the series finale. I'll probably make a post about how good it was and why everyone everywhere should watch that show. :)

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So last month I was a posting machine. This month isn't starting off so well though. :P I guess I just don't have any motivation to post any emo poems. What's the world come to?

I finally caught up on Lost (except for last week's episode) and I have to say the show is getting better! I was about ready to give it up after the first batch of episodes but it's slowly redeeming itself for me. Although I still hate the flashbacks. So much. Espically Jack's flashbacks. Maybe we can get a flashback to the one time that Jack was upset about (insert thing here) hooked up with (insert random guest star here) got (insert random plot point here) and CRIED LIKE A GIRL. Seriously. That's every one of Jack's flashbacks.

Also? I think I'm more Sawyer/Kate and Jack/Juliet than Kate/Jack. I don't mind Jack/Kate in the long run, but let me have my more interesting couples first plz?

In other news: School is a biatch. I have so much reading and work already and it's not even getting into my hell weeks. Ugh. I'm feeling pre-stress. Which is like...a light appetizer of stress before the main course of academic hell to come. It's exciting in the way that going to the dentist is. I hate finals.

Also, applying for internships and only hearing back from one place (although, I did get an internship there, so that's all good and it seems really nice and I'm defintly happy about that.) is hard on the 'ol self-esteem. I keep telling myself it's because I applied super early for fall semester internships, and I'll hear back eventually. Right?

But the reason I applied so early is because I'm going to JAPAN (konnichiwa bitches!) this summer! Although I have no idea where I'm staying, have flight tickets or...know anything, really. So far TUJ is awesome at making me feel as if I might be living in a box on the streets of Tokyo for six weeks. Which is comforting. But at least it'll be a box IN JAPAN. So....yea, I'm still pretty stressed about that. But at least the program is perfection. I mean it's a journalism/media class. In Japan. It's like it was made for meeee!

So this post was fairly pointless. Oh wells.

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