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I watched Black Swan Monday night. IT WAS VERY PRETTY AND FREAKY AND AWESOME. So I decided to picspam. Spoiler alert: when hopped up on cold medicine that movie is even more trippy.

Black Swan Picspam! No actual spoilers other than 'there is ballet!' and 'weird shit happens'. )

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Ok hold the phone, you're saying. First off what is D-Wars? Why haven't I ever heard of it? Isn't that the dude from Roswell? Why is he wearing bling? Is that a dino with a rocket launcher? How is this the best movie ever?

This picspam will answer all these questions and more. Get ready to take a magical journey into a movie so full of unintentional laughter that my sides hurt after watching.

Welcome to the world....of D-WARS! There are dinos with bazookas and ninjas and Jason Behr with 70s porn hair! )

- Please don't steal or hotlink my caps. I have no idea why you would as I'm not aware of a huge D-WARS fandom. But still. If you hotlink photobucket will be mean to me and I will be sad.

- Enjoy the picspam!
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SO! My review is days late. I went to see Pirates on Saturday afternoon, to avoid all the crazies in pirate costumes and whatnot. When I went to see DMC we went to the Thursday midnight showing, which I think added to my feeling that the movie dragged on forever, because I was like "I'm TIRED! Let me FREE!"

I have so many mixed emotions and feelings about this movie! I'm so confused! I did like it though. Even though we didn't get some impausiable reason for Jack and Elizabeth to mack on each other....FOR THE CHILDREN!

Pirates Of the Caribbean: In which I got to see more than one Johnny Depp on my screen and died of hotness. )

In closing: Cap'n Jack boat crew spinoff anyone?

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So for the first time in Rutgers history we actually got the yesterday off. The WHOLE DAY. As in, all classes, not just evening classes. AND we have today off too. I think this must mean that Global Warming is winning or something, but I don't care because DAY OFF!

I was hoping and praying desperately to have tomorrow off because I have a presentation on Tuesday and I really didn't want to present. I praticed with my group on Sunday (during the terrible rain storm that soaked EVERYTHING I own. Water somehow snuck it's way into my snap iPod case and I have no idea how. I guess it was just like "MUST DESTORY THINGS!" But thankfully my sweet, sweet iPod is fine.) And this was me: "So Jayson york times....journalismisquotemuffinunethical!"

That's really not much of an exaggeration.

I did however do really productive things today. Like watch the last episode of the Pussycat Dolls search. (Don't judge me! You know you secretly watch that skanky show to. While singing Buttons into a brush and trying out your hoochiest dance moves....just me?)

Also I finally got to see Marie Antoinette. I know a lot of people didn't like the movie, and I guess can see why. But seriously? Why did there have to be plot when the movie was THAT PRETTY? Seriously. I'm saving the movie on my hd just so I can cap it and then recolor and picspam later. It was so pretty! I wanted to marry it and have a million of it's brightly colored, pastry babies.

The Virgina Tech shooting is really, really scary. I go to a big university, and honestly it's not hard for me to imagine that it could happen here at Rutgers. It makes me sad that people can have such darkness in themselves and feel like they have the right to take another person's life.

My heart and prayers really goes out to all the people affected by this tragedy. This is so sad, and scary and horrible. It makes me really sad about the state of the world.

On a less serious, more LJ-RIFIC note? WTF is up with my journal? Have you guys noticed that my journal loads really, really friggin SLOW?!

When I try to check my friend's page it literally takes like five minutes for it to load. That's weird right? Have any of you guys had the same problem? And how did you fix it? It's starting to get really, really annoying. I really want it to load faster but I have no idea how to get it to. Freakin' LJ!

Any help with that would be apperciated guys, really. I would love you forever and ever and ever! Isn't that prize enough for helping?

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