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UGHUGHUGH. I have to get better at keeping up with LJ. Why am I so FAIL with it lately? IDK. I'm going to blame it on the sun luring me out of doors. What is this "fresh air" you speak of? Although it was pretty gross yesterday with all the humid making my hair all poofy and the rain and the man hole cover exploding in front of my building (no, really).

Also I went on a tour of the Whale Wars ship last Thursday! WHALE WARSSSS! Then I went home over the weekend and marathoned the first season of WHALE WARSSSS (which I feel needs to always be typed in all caps like FAKE BABY and TOMAAAA for some reason) and it was hilarious. Oh my LORD it was so hilarious. It's like they gathered a bunch of tools and hippies and then set them out to sea! It's sort of my dream reality show. I kept wanting to punch people in the face and yet I kept watching.


Doctor Who

Seriously I'm sure I had a lot of thoughts and feelings about the actual plot but it ends up all boiling down to: AMY POND YOU ARE THE GREATEST. And also: SEXYTIMES AND SUSPENDERS! And sometimes I get a little "Oh God shut up River Song" but I keep hoping she'll turn out to be ~evil~ and therefore more interesting and less irritating than she currently is.

Oh man the angels were SO CREEPY. I thought that bringing them back would detract from the creep factor in Blink but did not. They were just as creepy this time around.

Also I love the theory people have been floating that the Doctor that popped back up in the forest scene to have sexy forehead touching with Amy was actually a future Doctor. I love that people picked up that he was wearing a jacket in that COMPLETELY CLOSE ZOOMED IN SCENE and the angels had grabbed his jacket before. NICE WHO FANDOM. Sometimes you are not made entirely of fail! This surprises me. If I can't count on Who fandom to be the worst, what is there left to believe in on the internet?

Can't wait for next week for Rory and his Amy/Rory shipper t-shirts and fake vampires. Maybe they'll sparkle in the sun?


No seriously. How is this show so delightful all the time. I feel like since they off loaded Shaw and FINALLY put Sarah and Chuck together the season has just been getting better and better. And I love Sarah and Chuck together so much. I love that he does dishes to unwind and Sarah shoots people. They are so meant2b!

I laughed through the entire episode because of the tiger though. It was so Hangover and awesome. I loved Chuck's line when Sarah was going to shoot it: "I am not going to let you shoot a tiger. They are endangered and majestic".

And the Casey/Morgan training was pretty much the best. They did a great job paralleling all the storylines too with the Casey/Morgan training mirroring the Chuck/Sarah/Tiger thing. And the old!spies vs Chuck/Sarah and then mirroring that with Awesome/Ellie. It was all about couples. I love when Chuck episodes have themes.

This show is totally my happy place. I'm glad to hear that it's chances of pickup for next season are looking better!

Gossip Girl

So I started out liveblogging the episode and then just sort of gave up about 20 minutes in. But here's what I got before I stopped:

- OMG Vanessa's sparkly cardigan is hideous.
-Serena/Nate are SO CUTE. Oh pretty happy people, you are my favorites.
-Oh man, I'm loving downward spiral Chuck. Banging tons of chicks and skeeving on Nate and Serena and apparently doing crack?
- +10 for Dan mentioning Jersey Shore since Vanessa looks like she's one bump-it away from being Snookie.
- +20 for William Van der Woodsen's medical treatment of Lily involving him just randomly stroking her face. He's obviously a doctor the same way Dr. Pepper is.
- OMG I love that Chuck applied for Blair to Columbia.
- Is there a framed and matted picture of Dan on Vanessa's dorm wall? -20 for EWW but +20 because...of course she would.
-Minus 100 for Blair's self-esteem issues manifesting themselves in those gross spiderweb looking tights she (and all the Columbia girls) were rocking. They looked like they came straight out of the cleaned out closet of Jenny Humphrey: Sea Creature.

I loved a lot about this episode even though I feel like FAKE CANCER will go down in the annuals of bad tv ideas with FAKE BABY and Curse you underground railroad! When your show's plots are mentioned alongside Smallville plots, it's a bad idea. Did all the writers of GG go to some sort of Soap Opera writers retreat during the summer by accident? WTF are they drinking over there? First it was the long lost mother who was his mother, who wasn't his mother, who might be his mother. Now it's long lost Daddy VDW and FAKE CANCER? Dear God people.

But the crazy part about Gossip Girl is that despite the fact that I can sit there rolling my eyes at these insane plots, I still usually come down on the side of liking the episode more than I disliked it. I guess the writers are spiking the water or something?

So instead of focusing on the truly dumb, I will instead just list the things I liked about the episode:

-I really loved Serena's takedown of Jenny, and the part Blair played in it. I could not believe Jenny was whining about giving Serena's room back. It's her room you crazy looking sea creature. She doesn't want you to get your fifty layers of eye makeup on her cute polka dot headboard anymore.

- The Non-Judging Breakfast Club was great. This is something I've been loving all season, although it's been pretty evident in the back half of the year. I like how they all talk to each other and rag on each other and have scenes with each other, just like real friends. The Nate/Blair scenes were so fun to watch because we never get to see them interact. Ditto Chuck skeeving on Serena/Nate. Now if we could get some Serena/Blair scenes proto I would be completely happy.

- Eric was amazing. I love Eric and it was nice to see him finally show up and his hurt and anger at his dad was great. It was nice to see the show didn't just forget he'd tried to off himself.

- Don't make fun of me you guys. But...I seriously misted up a little at the Chuck/Lily scene. WHAT SHUT UP. It was emotional ok?! I've always loved the relationship that those two have and it's nice to see them get such a sweet moment. And later Chuck's scene with Jenny and them scheming to figure out about the NOT CANCER (lol Jenny knows all about the ~drug trade~ now!) was fairly awesome. Putting Chuck and Jenny's mental illnesses together for great justice will be fairly hilarious to watch.

- Loved seeing the old Blair back and bitchier and better than ever. THAT'S RIGHT GURL. Do your thang. I feel like I should have a lot more to say about the Blair stuff, because it was great, but I think I'm just too happy to see her get her own spotlight and storylines after spending most of this half of the season trailing along in Chuck's ridic mommy drama and Uncle Jack insanity. More Blair as HBIC of Columbia plz!

- I loved Serena in this episode too. Oh Serena. Again I feel like there's a lot to say about her but the only thing I keep thinking is 'Ow!' because you know it's going to break her tiny, dumb blonde heart when all the puzzle pieces fit together and she finds out her dad is playing them all. Her whole storyline this season has been about her search for her dad and now that she's finally got everything she's been looking for it's all going to get messed up for her. :( Poor Serena.

- The Blair and Chuck stuff was honestly some of my favorite scenes of them. I didn't want them to break up but I'm honestly loving their break up storylines so much (Chuck <3's coke! Blair back to her bitchy best!) that I'm not minding it so much. And the scene with Blair coming to visit Chuck to tell him to see Lily was great. I loved him being grotty and disgusting and her rolling her eyes like "lol shut up I have knowledge to impart on you". I LOVED his little sad face when he realized she just got a mean GG blast but there was nothing he could do to help her. And the little look they shared after he hugged Lily. HE APPLIED TO COLUMBIA FOR HER. MY HEART! HER LITTLE HAPPY DANCE OMG. (I'm not crying you guys it's just raining on my face!

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