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So I was originally writing up a post about going to see Allison Mack in Apple Cover over the weekend but then I got side tracked by real life stress today and now I'm catching up on the Chloe fan kerfuffle and laughing and shaking my head. So this post will be about that instead with my Apple Cove stuff to come tomorrow. (I KNOW GUYS MARK YOUR CALENDAR. lol no one cares)

As funny as I find most of this (and it's pretty funny) it also bums me out. Especially after my lovely experience with everyone at Apple Cove. We weren't all one type of Chloe fan and we managed to eat Greek food and unsucessfully try to hail cabs and not murder each other. OMG it's not even a good TV show. We're not fighting over Shakespeare here guys. This is a show that can count among it's plotlines FAKE BABY and UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.

The thing that I always really liked about my/our corner of the fandom is how we stuck together. We sort of felt like the underdogs, just like Chloe herself. In my time in SV fandom, I've seen people ship all kinds of Chloe pairings. Chlex. Chlark. Chlionel (Ok that's mostly just me). Chlollie. Chavis. Chlois although that is more a theory than a ship but let's just go with this.

The cool thing about being a Chloe fan always used to be that we were all pretty chill with multi-shipping. Let's not ruin the one good thing we got out of this show. BE COOL BBS.

I think a good rule of thumb is to just not be an asshole. Not that hard.

You don't like such and such pairing or such and such thing? Coolio. No one cares. You love such and such pairing? Awesome! I still don't care but I hope it brings you joy. Let's not be so invested in the opinions of others. I know the "SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET" urge can get so strong sometimes but at those times ask yourself "Am I being a douche?" If the answer is yes (and you will know when it is) then just take a deep breath and realize that contrary to what facebook/twitter/blog culture tells us, we don't ACTUALLY need to post every thought we have. Sometimes censoring is just being polite.

The show is almost over and I can guarantee, because I have been following (if not watching the last two years) this terrible mess so long that not everyone will be happy how it ends. Probably no one will. I'm personally holding out for rocks fall, everyone dies. So instead of making even the fandom for this shitty show shitty can we just BE COOL? Please? I just want to be like that chick in Mean Girls and bake a cake full of rainbows and get the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Dammit Smallville fandom, this is why we can't have nice things.

ETA: Decided to unlock the post because I stand by my "please let's not be douches" public service announcement.

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Ok. I know. I KNOW. I just did a picspam like three days ago. I was not expecting to get home from a successful day of shopping and just suddenly feel it necessary to picspam Smallville. But who knew that last week's episode of Smallville would be so good. Certainly not I! I never expect the words epic amazing and Smallville to coincide in the same sentence. No one was more shocked than I was! I'm starting to feel like maybe my abusive relationship with Smallville is at a turning point. Like, maybe Smallville really means it when it says it loves me now? Maybe it'll stop hitting me?


The episode finished and I felt like I was trapped in a glass case of emotions! As [ profile] nyonyo put it, if you had told me last year that a Whedon show would be on the air and I'd be like "lol whatever let's cap Smallville!" I would have called you a liar and a scoundrel. AND YET!

Since [ profile] nyonyo did a insanely beautiful picspam of the whole episode already, I decided to just picspam the epic Chlark phone convo that I've been watching on a loop on youtube.

Smallville Beast Picspam: Everything I've ever done, right or wrong, I did it for you. )
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So! LOST was nuts last night. My mind, it has been blown. Daniel/Charlotte are so cute though. If anything happens to them I will be super pissed. You are already on notice for killing all my favorite ships, LOST. Try to redeem yourself.

In other news, I will be doing these TOP 5 memes until I die apparently. So here's another one dedicated to [ profile] pinkspots because she requested them. :P


TOP 5: KStew Bitchfaces!! )

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Guys, there's something I have to tell you. I've long kept quiet during discussions of Smallville's actresses because I've been holding in a terrible secret. But I think it's time to let it out:

Allison Mack doesn't just hate poor people. She sometimes kills and eats them. She also did the following: Canceled every good show on FOX, Voted for Sanjaya, IS Sanjaya, Raped Veronica, Shot JFK from the grassy knoll, is responsible for the career of Paris Hilton and wrote the Epilogue for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She also sells drugs to children in hand knitted dime bags, and then stabs them with her knitting needles.

I also have it on good authority that she both kicked your dog and stole all your glitter pens. Wherever she goes she deprives the world of laughter, sunshine, and kittens.

I know guys, this is shocking. I was shocked too. I didn't know Allison Mack was such a straight-up thug. And then of course I found photographic evidence:

I know I should stop mocking SV fandom at some point. Maybe I will when it gets itself into fandom rehab and gets off the crack? Maybe I'm just mean because I'm in the Chloe mafia and we haven't wacked anyone lately? Mysteries, mysteries.

Until then, I'll be over here hoping that Allison Mack doesn't pop a cap up in my Az-kaban.

ETA: Guys, another hero has stepped forward to help me uncover the truth about Allison Mack and the Chloe mafia. I hope you guys realize how brave we both are.

This way for more ICONS!!

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So, I went on an icon-making spree around last week and made tons of Smallville, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy icons. Ironic, since I currently want to beat both shows until they're good again. (Well....OTH...) Than I found some icons I'd made awhile back and was like "Icon post!"

Anyway, enjoy!
[x]Grey's Anatomy
[x]One Tree Hill

. .

More SV, OTH, GA icons behind the cut! Including plenty of Chlark, Chlionel, Addisex and even some Alex/Meredith! )
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So I was checking Television Without Pity today to see if there were any new Smallville spoilers. I mean, how can I survive without more knowledge of the FAKE BABY. I mean...hormone injections....sorry. Tangent.

Anyway, after I saw that there were no new spoilers worth seeing I popped over to the Allison Mack thread just in time to see the most hilarious bitching about pointless stuff I've ever seen.

Hey, did you guys know that ALLISON MACK HATES THE POOR?!

I'm still giggling. I mean, I could go into how ridiculous it is to postulate based off of a post about helping people in third world countries build up their economy that the poster is omgz!racist's too easy. At least this was good for a giggle during finals.

I got the impression from these posts that these people would come out in the opposite to anything Allison might say. If Allison came out and said she was against kitten drowning I'm sure they would be like "OMGZ! How dare you persecute kitten drowners!1!"

Is it wrong that I want to make shirts that say "Allison Mack Doesn't Care About Poor People" and send them to the people that were having a fit? Yes? I can accept that.

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I think everyone needs a pick-me-up after last night's Smallville episode. For me, it's rereading all the lovely comments on my fic (I'll be replying to them soon! But seriously, I love all you guys. That was the nicest feedback ever).

Also? I think it's finally time to post up this, my most awesome fanmix. I'm really proud of this guys. Mostly because it's for a ship that is only really socially acceptable to like...three people besides myself. But it's probably mostly because of the bonus song.

So, without furthur ado I present to you:
CHLIONEL: Diamonds are Forever
The fanmix

Merry really, really really late x-mas [ profile] nyonyo.

Go behind the cut, if you dare, for more Chlionel lovin' )
Enjoy the songs!

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Man, it's been a crazy amount of time since I've last written any fic. Or anything creative at all really. I've been so burnt out on all my writing classes/journalism work/internships that I've totally neglected creative writing. So maybe that explains why this fic literally BURST OUT of me in two days a few weeks back when I *should* have been doing homework of some kind. But it was fun to write again. I forgot what a great stress reliever it was.

So....without further ado:

Title: Flowers
Author: [ profile] mojotastic
Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe tries to cope, post-Freak. Chloe-centric. Chlark/Chlionel.
Spoilers: Post- Freak, general season six.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except an unhealthy love for Lionel.
Author’s Note: Feedback is my anti-drug.

She hadn’t cried since she found out what she was. Or might be. She took those feelings and put them in a box to deal with later. )

Feedback me so we can discuss important issues RE: Chlionel= best thing since sliced bread y/n?

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I changed my layout! (Well...just the top banner really.)

[ profile] mojotastic[ profile] mojotastic[ profile] mojotastic[ profile] mojotastic

I'd love to figure out how to get it more centered though. And I need to fix the quotes and icon so they're Hana Yori Dangoized to match. I wanted to do an icon of the kiss but that kiss is like...impossible to icon. Srsly.

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know Hana Yori Dango is the best Japanese drama evar. Where there is much badly staged fighting, ridiculous romance cliches (caught in an elevator! falling on TOP of each other, just so their lips perfectly match up! disapproving parents!), of all...the most hideous outfits ever seen. They are so funny that I would recommend Hanadan all on the merits of Domyouji's coats. Except the show pretty much rocks hardcore too.

But if you don't believe me, see this picspam of S1 for yourself

And now, in honor of the last episode of S2 airing Friday (don't leave me Hanadan! Don't leave me and take your COATS and your HAIR. Nooooooo!) I decided to redo my layout. Because SV has not been good to me this season. But Hanadan? Has never let me down.

(If you're interested you can download Hanadan HERE. At this point I feel like a drug Hanadan dealer.)

(PS: Speaking of SV though, I'm currently uploading songs for the CHLIONEL fanmix. Yea baby. They are the right kind of wrong.)

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So, avoiding work? Apparently makes you a prolific icon creater. Most of the SV ones are from this weekend, which is sad.

[x]Grey's Anatomy
[x]One Tree Hill


More Smallville, One Tree Hill, and Grey's Anatomy icons under the cut )
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